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Spoiler Alert

In 2014, Spoiler Alert was SYN Nation’s movie seasonal, reviewing both classic and contemporary cinema. For one day only, Justin and Michael return to do what they’ve been doing since – talking movies.
Tim & Laurie - 2011 SYN Awards (1)

Enter the Inventors

A decade ago, Tim and Laurie revolutionised the world we live in with innovative products and inventions. Now, they take their Saturday morning show to primetime with a selection of new ideas to revolutionise the world once again.
Belle, Blakey and Tim

The Sell Outs

Belle, James, Mike and Tim all volunteered at SYN together. Now, they’re all working for competing commercial radio networks. Listen in as they remember some of their best bits, then stay tuned to hear if their rivalries boil over!

Under the Covers

SYN's 2010 Music Director Britt is back on the mic exploration and celebration of the humble cover version. From the most covered songs in the world, to obscure recordings and re-interpretations. Have you heard The Vines’ cover of Ms Jackson? This is the radio show for you.
90.7 SYN FM - 2003

Get Staffed

Three former general managers—Jo Curtin, Tahlia Azaria and Georgia Webster—reunite to share some reflections on SYN's history, impact, and uniqueness as an organisation and youth movement.

That SYNer

After a season reflecting on summers past, Loughlin Shannon shares stories stories from SYNers past and present! Tune in for good times, some things that went wrong, and the friends we made along the way.
Eddie McGuire with Dylan Leach

Kicking Behinds / Red Time / Leach on Society

A revival so nice we had to name it thrice! Dylan Leach became part of the SYN furniture from 2004 to 2009: for the first time since his 'SYN death', join Dylan as he catches up with lifelong friends and reminisces on the early days of youth media.
Tom Lewis & Chris Pullar

Too Kool 4 Skool

From 1999 to c.2005, Too Kool For Skool was a staple of SYN's Thursday night punk and metal line-up. In 2023, Tom and Chris are live and local once more - tune in as they reconnect with the Melbourne scene in a special featuring their favourite bands, interviews and album reviews.
Dan Hill and Dave Lim

Yeah, Whatever

The show for anything and everything! Dan Hill (left) returns to SYN for one night only with an updated version of his early 00s seasonal, featuring plenty of favourites old and new, along with some special guests direct from our Brisbane studios.
Yasmine Ruphingse and Nadia Armstrong

Brother Onion

Before the days of YouTube and Spotify, when music was not on demand… Brother Onion curated weekly drops of cross genre international beats, from UK electronic fusion and experimental, French hip hop, to local Melbourne electronica, Japanese pop and South Asian sounds.

Reality Rewind

Join Jack as he rides a wave of late noughties and early tens nostalgia, featuring music from the likes of Jess Mauboy, Samantha Jade, Dami Im and more!

Mouse Ears

Turning back to clock to that time in life where a certain mouse-led, magic castle, child star factory, kids TV channel ruled the lives of Millennials and Gen Z-ers in those early Saturday mornings.

Lost Postcards

Through playlist curation, special guests, diary entries and more, Lost Postcards unpack the craziness of Sarah's 2022 and her experiences navigating modern youth culture and travel.
Summer Selection 2022

Summer Selection

Whether you're chilling by the pool, at a BBQ or getting ready for a big night in or out, there'll be summery tunes to warm you up and get you grooving

Viral Vibes

Dance, sing and crank the volume up! The best music trending online, plus some classic pop anthems from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.

Extra-Terrestrial Scoop!

It’s an outer-space science hour on SYN! Exploring the far corners of the universe, and keeping you up to date with the last scientific discoveries and news, join Sura as she explains to you the un-explainable.
Music, Melbs, Me

Music, Melbs, Me

Wind through the bustling streets of Brunswick, the cool clubs of Fitzroy, and the Melbourne CBD discovering some amazing Melbourne and Australian artists along the way. Join Pranati in her journey, and explore the music of Melbourne!

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is all about the ambient and downtempo side of electronic music. Join Holly as she explores the origins, inspirations, and secrets of slow and steady electronic.

The Stitch

The Stitch takes a deep dive into the ways that culture, TV, movies, and the media affect our lives as young adults, tied together by an awesome soundtrack. Join Lucy as she discusses and reflects on how we interact with the world in our current media landscape.
Across the World (2)

World Uncovered

World Uncovered will take a different country from around the world each week and find the newest emerging and trending artists from that country. Uncovering music gems that might not have made their way to Australian radio airwaves, join Finn as he traverses around the world.

That Summer

Tell me about that summer. You know the one. The summer you travelled, experienced that 'first' in life, realised something that forever changed your life's trajectory...

More Than The Music

Putting the talents of Melbourne/Naarm creatives at its forefront. Join Ndaba as he shines a light on the artists, photographers, videographers, designers, DJs, and event planners who play an integral role in Melbourne's creative communities.


Aristotle once said “the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”. With this sentiment in mind, follow Ananya and Thiruavani’s journey as they delve into their enamour with design and discuss the significance of art in today's world.

Behind the Scene

An informative music history show that examines a different music scene each week, exploring how it formed, how it developed and how it died, with a focus on music outside of the Anglosphere.
A couple silhouetted in front of a sun with Summer Lovin' written inside and Tuesdays 6 pm to the left and syn.org.au 90.7 FM to the right.

Summer Lovin’

Are you searching for the soundtrack to your summer romance? Well, it’s the season of love at Summer Lovin’, where we sway to our favourite summer love songs and fantasise about the romance stories that made us want to squeal with delight into the summer night.


Back2Life is here to set your 2023 study goals straight! Join the Study God as they provide tips and tricks on how to best study, revise and prepare for those looming exams.

Summer Breakfast

Join Thomas on Summer Breakfast as he spins a mix of good morning music and keeps you in the loop of the latest news and pop culture updates.
Pink background, bright green text and abstract grid. Grid features a rectangle with pink, blue, green gradient background and elevated cartoony illustrations (two people with hearts, a smiley sun, community, group of people dancing around globe and glass of water). Another rectangle features pink, blue, green gradient background with the SYN logo, Always Live logo and Visit Victoria logo. Text on poster reads '90.7FM' 'Proudly Presented by Always Live' 'syn.org.au' '06.12.2022' 'SYN Soundbox Special' 'Live Broadcast From The Arts Centre Forecourt With SYN Presenters & Guests' 'Rise and Shine With Local Music' '6:00am - 9:00am'

SYN’s SOUNDBOX Special: Live from the Arts Centre Forecourt

A special broadcast from the Arts Centre forecourt, with a roster of SYN presenters, heaps of great music, and live performances from local artists. Set your alarms, and don’t hit snooze! Presented by Always Live.

Under The Shelter

This show is all about exposing Naarm/Melbourne’s undiscovered RNB and hip hop talent. Tune in to David each week as he recommends the next up and comers.
Sweet Sixteen - Director's Cut

Sweet Sixteen – Directors Cut

In this special broadcast, SYN Music Leads Louis, Gracie and V review their favourite Sweet 16 and Feature Album tracks from Season 3, 2022
Retirement Village Podcast Cover (Facebook Cover)

The Retirement Village

A reflective space to look back on our time as volunteers, and share our media making tips and tricks, as we pass the baton to the next generation

What On Earth???

What On Earth??? attempts to provide a simple and engaging summary of the most noteworthy things from the week gone by, from sport to politics to music

Themed Songs

Join Jack and Lara as they read out and respond to listener-submitted problems and play thematically relevant songs.

Behind The Curtain

Get all the behind the curtain news on the Melbourne entertainment industry! Join Benjamin to dive into news, industry insights, and lots more

Mood Ring

Put on your mood ring every Monday evening from 5-6pm and watch it change colour with each and every feeling.

Time Bandits!

The audio time-capsule offering a description of the world as we experience it.
Be The Change logo

Be The Change

We dare, lead, empower, combat, uprise, inspire, and take action for our future. You'll hear interviews with leaders, shakers and change makers from all over the world, who stand up for what they care about.

Welcome to Melbourne, Australia

Telling people who are new to Melbourne about the wonders that they can find, including sick food, coupons and most importantly how to be supported by the many organisations that are available throughout the city.
A drawing of an orange sun wearing red, heart-shaped sunglasses. Behind the sun reads "SUNSET ECLECTIC" in wide, bold font.

Sunset Eclectic

Back to save summer, Jake Stevens takes over SYN's coveted late night hours with an eclectic mix of new releases, classic alternative tracks, brooding instrumentals and genre-defining hidden gems.
The words 'TAKEBACK TASTEMAKER' on a pink background

Takeback tastemaker

A chaotic explosion of music, sounds, and inspiration based off the monthly playlists that I create, and a reflection of my year in music.


Your new soundtrack for sizzling summer nights, mixing up a cocktail of euphoric tracks as the sun goes down.

Let Me Explain

The creative, niche, and outright bizarre stories from the media we love. With a whole range of wonderfully bizarre stories, can we explain the crazy, weird ideas both ourselves and others have?

The LOL Show

The LOL Show chats about the hottest new comedies from across the world, speak with comedians about their craft, and give advice for people wanting to make it in the industry.

I Want To Be Famous

At one point or another, everyone wants to be famous. This show is my attempt and pitch.

Driving You Up The Wall

Featuring local and international artists, fresh new music, inspiring interviews and exciting entertainment.

Friday On My Mind

A show dedicated to music from the 1960s, heard on the original vinyl records as they were released back in the day.
Woroni Radio

The Woroni Hour

From our partners at Woroni Radio. The best bits from Woroni's radio shows and podcasts, broadcast from the Australian National University in Canberra.

Melbourne Represented

Music from Melbourne female-fronted and queer bands, representing the underrepresented artists of Melbourne.

Women’s Business

Indi sheds light on the dimly lit topics of female physiology and anatomy. You may have learnt about periods in high school but there's MUCH more to know!
FM Synthesis

FM Synthesis

All about synthesisers, drum machines and production techniques. Itamar illuminates his favourite gear, interviews artists and discusses famous producers and their signature gear/techniques.
Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 6.06.42 pm

The Naarm Queer Ear

Exploring the ties between the queer community & the club scene. Each week we will be chatting to a different local DJ/producer about their identity and music and hearing a mix created by them.

The Trans-Tasman Tour

A 'virtual' journey around the Trans-Tasman, with each episode stopping by a different city to showcase its local talent and highlight the work of its home-grown artists.

A To P

Fergus and Jake return to continue their quest to determine which letter from A To P is the best, with your stories and a letter-themed playlist each week.

Locally Verified

Go behind the scenes with independent and emerging artists. Each week, local Melbourne musicians share their experiences in the music industry, providing tips and tricks and sharing advice for future musical talent.
Don't Govern My Dog

Don’t Govern My Dog

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. Don't Govern My Dog seeks to find the broader themes hiding in politics and cinema; love, fear, faith and anger.
Its Eurovision

It’s Eurovision

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. From the history to the politics, from the sequins to the songs, It's Eurovision cover the world’s greatest and wackiest entertainment show from every angle.
Woroni Radio

Nyet Polchasa

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. Once referred to by a very special listener and an ex-president of the United States as "the key to world peace", Nyet Polchasa is the answer to a question that nobody asked.
Woroni Radio

No News Is Good News

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. No News Is Good News is a news show with a twist of comedy, presented by Aleyn Silva and Coquohalla Connor.
New Input Website Banner


An hour of music with a different theme each week. Themes are suggested by YOU, ranging from simple to abstract, silly to serious and everything in-between.
Hypothetically Speaking logo

Hypothetically Speaking

When everything has already been asked, how do you get to know your best friends? Jay and Tom explore a range of hypothetical topics, seek your answers and take their hypotheticals to the streets.
Logo for the show Nervous Nellies

Nervous Nellies

Scrub the word 'smooth' from your vocabulary! Ambient electronic and instrumental songs with a touch of nervous energy to keep you engaged.

Shout Outs

A platform for anyone wanting to give a special someone a shout out, song dedication or mention on air.
Cameron's Corner cover

Cameron’s Corner

Jai Cameron interviews emerging and experienced arts practitioners in the Australian arts and entertainment industry, with a playlist of Australian music and some throwback hits mixed in.
When Strangers Meet

When Strangers Meet

A new conversational radio show, When Strangers Meet takes two strangers from different walks of life, puts them together on air and forces them to make conversation.
The 2BOB Radio Taree logo

Blake and Joe

From 2BOB Radio, join Taree's very own Blake and Joe for some ripper tunes and fresh banter (or is it the other way around?)

Heavy Metal Hollydaze

Playing nothing but the truest of Metal from around the world.
RD (2)

Rendering Design

Exploring the everyday influences of design!
Shuffle All Logo Long1

Shuffle All

Shuffle All plays everything and anything, and every song is as different from the last as possible.
Screenshot 2021-03-27 at 12.36.45 PM

Uni Frequency

RUSU is the RMIT University Student Union – a completely independent student-run organisation that is the heart of student life at RMIT. We’ve been delivering events and services to the students of RMIT for over 75 years!
Mat Morgan, host of The Songwriters

The Songwriters

Hosted by singer-songwriter and Gippsland FM presenter Mat Morgan, The Songwriters is a fresh programme showcasing up-and-coming talent.

Only 2020 Kids Will Remember This

Mixtapes for months gone by. Jake Stevens listens back to 12 months of music in 12 weeks, with each episode featuring a new month and a new playlist.
Logo for Bee and Drew

Bea and Drew

From Radio Fremantle. Your new favourite radio hosts, broadcasting from Whadjuk Noongar country.
Philosophy 101 header

Philosophy 101

Produced by Anita Hanna with her regular co-host Tom Denham, Philosophy 101 is SYN’s home for enlightening, existential and thought-provoking discussions. Join Anita […]
freestival wordpress banner


Want to get involved in the music and festival industry without picking up an instrument? freestival is a live-to-air show on SYN, run […]
Frisco-international disco-syn media


Tune into Frisco, your weekly lounge disco, jazz and funk music show on SYN. Hosted by Sindy, you can expect to hear a range of sounds from different countries around the world each week.
housemates logo

Housemates: Friday Night Sublet

Global electronic and dance music. Housemates is a space for new music to be featured, artists to be interviewed, classics to be played for nostalgia and general vibeiness, and for amateur DJs/producers to play their first ever live sets on air.

Record Store

Weekly radio show broadcast on SYN hosted by Sindy, Sundays at noon; showcasing classic hits, warehouse finds, and personal favourites, from the […]
Fair Comment_DDN image

Fair Comment

From 4EB and 4ZZZ via the Community Radio Network: Fair Comment is a program that lets real people tell their story. Hear […]

That’s What I Call Science

From Edge Radio via the Community Radio Network: Spanning local, national and global topics, our team of women science and tech hosts bring […]

Dance Floor Dosage

Dance Floor Dosage is a music show on SYN dedicated to playing disco-influenced songs that make you want to dance. Broadcasting on […]

Current Gen

Young people aged 12-13 from Gippsland FM.

Wooing People In Isolation

Local Drag King Silvio Di Baci hosts Wooing People In Isolation, a drag centric comedy show that provides much-needed advice and comedy […]

The D&eM

Chill out with The D&eM – Wednesday Night Lofi The D & eM is a seasonal Lofi /electronica music show focussing on […]
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.19.27 pm

Colouring The Void

Experimental music, ambient soundscapes and tunes lost to time. Dynamic and decompressing content to keep you sane. Mondays 10-11pm.  
Student Radio header

Student Radio History

Independent author Rafal Alumairy presents Student Radio History, a weekly retrospective of the personalities and stations that broadcasted in years past. Rafal looks […]
Dead Beat Logo

Dead Beat

An hour of spooky music every Wednesday 11pm to MIDNIGHT OooOOohh. Tune in for an eclectic mix of tunes from many genres […]
The words 'Only 2010s Kids Will Remember This' on a dark blue background

Only 2010’s Kids Will Remember This

A retrospective of the decade that was. Listen to Only 2010's Kids Will Remember This on SYN in January 2020, and stream the playlist 24/7 at syn.org.au.
The Mixed Bag logo

Mixed Bag

From our partners at Radio Fremantle. The best new stuff from across the musical spectrum, as well as a few old tunes for good measure.
Like (7)

Like Sugar

Get up and dance! Keepin’ the fire burning with all sorts of disco, funk and boogie gems. Saturday’s 6-8pm with Bec Grech.

FIFA Bangers

FIFA Bangers is a show that dives into the very best tracks of EA Sports FIFA over the modern years (FIFA 13 […]
Logo for SYN Seasonal 'The Four Bar Pass'

The Four Bar Pass

Music Industry Talk Show
p80b website logo

Post-80s Babies

The 80s retrieved for those not yet conceived! Join in on a crate-dig through 80s tunes, exploring the influential new sounds of the era […]

So Fresh Sundayz: Winter Fresh

So Fresh Sundayz: Winter Fresh brings the best winter tracks from So Fresh CDs from the 2000s back onto the airwaves. Each […]

Friday On My Mind

Wrapping up the week’s news with a humorous tone. Guests interview each week with members of the community and other guests.   Tune […]

Sound Check

Sound Check is a gig guide for Melbourne, sound checking all the big names & artists that are stopping by Melbourne in […]
Get on the Go header

Get On The Go

Classic rock music from the 1950s - 1970s. If you are interested in music history and social history, this is the show for you.

The Saturday Sleep In

National youth weekend breakfast show for the youth of Australia, on a Saturday morning, wherever they are.
Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 15.23.24

Psych Coup D’état

Psychedelic music from the 1960s – 1980s from the Middle East. From the Coups of Turkey to Ba’athist Iraq. From the Soviet […]

Paniq Stations

Showcasing left-field dance music, with a specific focus on bringing female, non-binary and queer DJs and producers to the forefront.
folking sic acoustic

Folking Sic Acoustic

Float into the weekend on Melbourne’s best playlist of acoustic and folk music with @Alicia Annabel Saturday’s 12-1pm on SYN 90.7fm 📻 Showcasing […]

The Re-Write

The-Rewrite is an episodic film and TV show that rewrites the stories that we love (or perhaps want to love). Million-dollar budgets, […]
Art Smitten's logo for 2020

Art Smitten on Sunday

Art Smitten is SYN’s biweekly guide to arts, culture and entertainment in Melbourne and around the world. With a focus on youth and […]

Bust Down Thursdayana / Fort Brox

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Bust Down Thursdayana: Hosted by Toby, Bust Down Thursdayana offers some chill vibes as […]

Murdoch on the Dance Floor / Confinement

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Murdoch on the Dance Floor: A pun based on the famous song, and hosted […]

Tools Down Friday / South St Sidewalk

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Tools Down Friday: Hosted by Michael, as we approach the end of the work […]

The Collective / Arvos With Abbey

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. The Collective: Made up of the collection of 4 team members with different interests […]

Rippa Mondays / Stuck On Shuffle

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Rippa Mondays: Hosted by Sam, Rippa Mondays aims to be an informative and entertaining […]

East Kimberley Kids Show

The latest from our partners at Waringarri Radio. Young people from Waringarri Radio 6WR in Kununurra play their favourite tracks and talk about […]

Picture This

The storytelling abilities of music. Picture This explores the storytelling abilities of music by combining musical segments with pre-scripted scenes of verbal storytelling. […]

The Amateur Hour

The Amateur Hour explores a wide variety of musical genres, from jazz to soul to funk to hip-hop, in a manner that […]

Noughty Time Machine

A countdown of different years of the 2000s. Each week Noughty Time Machine will countdown a different year of the 2000s. They’ll talk […]

Proof Please

Proof Please is a satirical docu-series exploring conspiracy theories throughout history. As the name suggests, Proof Please, encourages listeners to sceptically engage […]

Danza Famiglia

Playing dance and electronic music by all women and non-binary musicians, Mondays 5pm! We got instagram (http://instagram.com/danza.famiglia) as well as Soundcloud and a whole Spotify playlist ~<:-) Questions, suggestions […]

The Power Of She

Celebrating female hiphop, R&B, soul and Neo soul artists. The Power Of She exposes people to more female artists and gets them thinking […]

Hot Sauce

Conversations about the culture of hip hop. Hot Sauce explores what it means to be a creative in Melbourne by giving a platform […]

Written In The Stars

What horoscopes and the zodiac has to offer. Sophie, Lisa & Harriet will learn about the zodiac through comparing their own experiences with […]

Beyond The Cloud

Showcasing amazing musical talent from the online world. The internet has given people so many new opportunities to broadcast their musical talent to […]

Kayak And The Canoe

Two radios hosts thrust together. They both have contrasting ideas for what they want the show to be. They may be on […]
The Mixtape

The Mixtape

Listen Live or catch up below…   This season The Mixtape is bringing you a whole new show! It goes by the name of A […]
Group Photo - Youthworx

Youth with You

Young people from Youthworx Media bringing you stories about media and entertainment every Wednesday.
Youth Media Hub

FX Youth On Air

Hailing from the Fitzroy Valley in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Valley Youth On Air is a showcase of […]

Celebrity Stuff

Your go-to destination for the latest breaking entertainment news and celebrity interviews with a mix of new hits and all your old […]
The Wind Up - Saturdays 8:00pm, SYN 90.7FM

The Wind Up – Always Aussie, Always A Party

The Wind Up – always Aussie, always a party. The best dance, electronic, and indie on offer for your pre-gaming. Join Imo […]
Untitled design (2)

The Early Early Show with Seb & Jules

The Early Early Show, hosted by Seb & Jules – the show made for all nighter pullers, the breakfast show for breakfast […]
Sights and Sounds

Sights and Sounds

Sights and sounds is a show about the great Australian City of Melbourne. It is here where you will be able to […]

The Monday Shuffle

We’re Julia and Stephen, your hosts of The Monday Shuffle! Every week, we invite musicians to dust off their old mp3 player […]

Breaking Bread with Gus & Ed

Gus can fit his whole fist in his mouth and Ed has the tiniest hands you’ve ever seen. This allows him to […]

Knocking Back Crepes

Amy Clements, Andrew Kelso, and Josh Cake bring you news, comedy, and class struggle. Facebook Instagram

Breaking News

Feel like you’re not totally caught up with the news of Australia and the world? Well, have we got a show for […]
Mind Games Logo

Mind Games

The human brain can process information multiple times faster than the blink of an eye. Unless… It’s 7PM on Sunday Night when […]

OST – Original Sound Track

OST dives deep on a definitive collection (or at least, our favourite) film, TV and game sound tracks. Join your hosts Erin and […]

S.A.S.S (The Screen, Air and Stage Show)

Join Hannah, Nick and Ramae 10am Sundays on SYN 90.7 as they delve into the world of entertainment through their analysis and […]
OTL Logo

Off The Label

Showcasing Electronic Music on SYN 90.7FM Tune in every Monday 8pm-10pm Each week hosts Hayley and Jessie play fresh and gold tunes from Australian and International record labels featuring electronic music artists ~
feeling it still 6

Feeling It Still

Can you feel it? Your host Salomé speaks with a different special guest each week about the songs they still feel, after all […]


Presented by theatre geeks and movie buffs, SASS is a relaxed and thought- provoking show that explores how film, television and theatre […]
The 2BOB Radio Taree logo

Snap, Crackle, and K-Pop

From 2BOB Radio Taree, Em & Iz present an eclectic mix of K-Pop & more.
Night Music-2

Night Music

Ambient, classical, jazz, world music, soundscapes – mood music for your Monday night. 10pm. Email in at [email protected]  

The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap is the perfect mix of the news you need to know and the news you want to know. We’ll […]

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is a talk show where we talk anything we want because that’s what you do on a Sunday while having […]

What Are People Watching?

Catch up on movie & TV reviews from our partners at Gippsland FM. Join host Keely Rooney as she discovers what people […]
The Edge

The Edge

Broadcasting from Fitzroy Crossing in the remote Kimberley Region of WA, The Edge aims to inform people across Australia on the news […]

16 Bars with Canadian Back Bacon

Join Canadian Back Bacon as he showcases his favourite MC’s from his dusty personal collection. Each week Canadian chooses a specific MC […]

Legendary Albums

Classic Albums will be a show where I will review about 3-4 albums on the show and play some of the tracks […]

Saturday Warmings

Airing every Saturday morning during the bleary, brunchy hours of 10-11, 0ur show is for all the people out there ready to unwind […]


Join 13 year old Mathew Robottom as he delves into his endless collection of Eurohouse in his brand new seasonal Euromania. Over […]

Music World Wide

Join Alex Fletcher as he explore the music genre family tree and how your artists take influence from not limited to their […]

3D Radio with Lachie and Isaac

3D Radio with Lachie and Isaac ensures fun, with the silliest of skits, and the sauciest of slammers, the two cousins ease you into the weekend.

AFL By Dummies

Join Lachlan & Alex they bring the lighter side of sport that makes the nation.  With a mix of comedy and light hearted analysis, […]

The Monday Mix

Monday Mix is your weekly conversation on what the boys, Josh, Scott and Jamie, know best! Join them as they discuss details from […]

Front & Centre

Front & Centre is a weekly hour-long music show that features a unique instrument every week – all music played will include […]

Youth Connect

Cat and Will bring you the latest in local and national youth content, examining key issues, talking smack, and delivering the tunes. A Latrobe Valley exclusive space for us yoof to learn and enjoy radio.

Prawn Stars

No, this is not a program about chess. Nor about bargain hunting, or even sexy women. In fact, this show has nothing […]

UK Lock In

Join Australia’s most British music show as they continue to bring the best  of the British to the airwaves of SYN. Featuring […]

How Do You Hustle

How do you hustle interviews the trailblazers daring to pursue their passions. The show features a new guest each week from a […]

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

The world’s most stupidly informative radio show is BACK for another season. Join Hudson and Charlie as they compete against each other […]

Family Roast

  Your favourite family radio duo is back for another season! Join the brother sister combo of Christian and Isabel as they […]
A black vinyl record with the words 'Friday Night Fidelity' in orange font

Friday Night Fidelity

Jake Stevens curates a featured playlist each week, playing the best alternative and shining the spotlight on little heard tracks
Two brothers one show

The Real Mike and Dave

Every Saturday 10am we introduce to you ‘The Real Mike and Dave’ on SYN 90.7FM. A very similar duo to Hamish and Andy, these […]
Copy of Radio Talk Show Flyer

Twin Talk

16-year-old twins talk about all things fun, movies, pop culture, inviting various interesting guests each week and taking a break off school & […]
WED 12-1 PM _ SYN 90.7


GU Music House covers fresh Australian music and my favourite bands/singers on every Wednesday 12-1 pm. The theme changes every week, including vintage […]

Op-shop Vinyl Cop

Op-shop Vinyl Cop is a crate digging journey through the music of yesterday in search for the wax gems we shouldn't let slip just yet.

SYNth_wave 90.7


New Years Eve Countdown

   New Years Eve countdown. same Show just with a fresh cot of paint 

Wacky World of Sports

Welcome to the Weird Wacky World of Sports, where each week we explore some of the wonderfully weird sports that are played […]
The Broad Way Logo

The Broad Way

The Broad Way covers all things theatre in a very broad way. Each episode centres on a different type of theatre (musicals, […]
Movie goggles

Movie Goggles

Movie Goggles is a film review podcast that only looks at the very worst of movies made through a light and fun (prescription) […]
The Morning Spread

The Morning Spread

The Morning Spread hosted by good friends Issy and Bel is a breakfast radio show, providing you with all the banter and tunes […]
low glow syn radio show

low glow

Music for when you’re alone in a room upstairs at a party. Music for the party you weren’t invited to. Music to turn […]
Clicks and Pops SYN Website

Clicks and Pops

Spinning heaps of new, old, Aussie, and international tunes off vinyl! Presented by Josh Martin, Sundays from 2:00.
square logo alt

The Discovery Room

Discover the best up and coming artists from right around the world. Step into The Discovery Room from 3pm every Sunday.
the annual

Cricket by Dummies

Cricket by Dummies is a comedic look at the very dry and boring world of cricket, through satirical analysis to interviews with […]
All Day Breakfast Logo

All Day Breakfast

The All Day Breakfast is the morning/afternoon show for the late sleeper, covering everything you missed at breakfast and everything else you need to know to face the day. Join Brent, Josh and Eli every Wednesday from 3-4pm on SYN 90.7 for the laziest lie-in of your week!

Chunky Radio Slop

Each Saturday at 3pm, your host Ross opens up a can of radio fun – giving you his unique, comedic take on […]


A radio show that aims to break down the barriers between classical music and young people by exploring new sounds, questioning old […]
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Bigtime Records

Looking at a different iconic record label each week to learn about the label's history, its formations, and the bands, genres and sounds that it shaped and championed over the years. Tune in at 4PM Sundays on SYN 90.7FM
The 90.7 Show with Claire, Ian and Ben which you can listen to on the radio or the Internet

The 90.7 Show

Welcome to the website of hit radio show “The 90.7 Show” with Claire, Ian and Ben. Do you like breakfast, traffic, news, […]

Truckalicious (Click Here)

Nathaniel and Shona explore the many food trucks that Melbourne has to offer!

Two Spoons

Here at Two Spoons, we unpack the colourful and multilayered pudding that is the life of a student. As connoisseurs, we sample the […]
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This show is all about your favorite Artist's favorite Artist. Iconic looks at the masterpieces that have definitively shaped Music & Culture and highlights similar local talent for you to check out!

Young People 101

  Young People 101 is a show created by young people, for young people! Each week Reem, Dale, Idil, Myan and Jonathan […]

Pop Perception

My name is Milo and I love pop music. Pop music can make you feel an incredibly vast range of emotions, its […]
Rocky Road on SYN 90.7

Rocky Road

Sex, hugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. From the folks who brought you Loony Poony, comes a show that’ll teach you all there […]
The Shortlist

The Shortlist

The Shortlist is here to break new acts. Your hosts Gloria and Ro will be showcasing up and coming artists – both local and […]
Our 20 Cents

Our 20 Cents

Two twenty year old girls discussing life and the trials and tribulations that go with it. Giving advice, talking about day to […]
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Smack Talk

Smack Talk isn't just a show about music and sport... it a snapshot of youth culture from a trio of young Melbournians.

Round About Midnight

-Playing the songs we love while talking about the things we love to hate- Ever listened to something that’s so awful? Watched […]

The Thread

A music show with a dash of history. Exploring Genre’s, artists and movements in music in the hopes of learning something by […]

Life’s A Gas

Melbourne’s only music show dedicated to the work of Marc Bolan/T.Rex. Every Sunday at 2:00pm. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter Episode […]
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The First Bite

Sink your teeth into The First Bite, a delectable Sunday seasonal from 4-5pm on SYN 90.7FM, which is sure to tempt your […]
Matt & Myles


- TRIGGERED - Our weekly radio show where we let off some of the steam built up from the dumb things that happen in today's society. Tune in as we discuss the idiotic happenings of the week. From pet hates to political blunders, we cover all the enfuriating and cringeworthy moments that are stuffing your newsfeed! SYN 90.7fm Thursday 9am
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Love At First Swipe

Join Julia & Emily on Tuesdays 7pm on SYN Nation as they try to figure out what on earth has happened to the dating game these days.
Hammercat Attack

Hammercat Attack! – A disturbing, unsettling but often just downright silly anti-comedy radio show

Hammercat are a comedy collective of like-minded mind-havers dedicated to bringing you the hot comedy sketches, radio plays, segments, and interviews all […]
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A weekly in-depth look at different artists and their musical evolution.
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Tune Zodiac

WEEK 2 EPISODE WEEK 3 EPISODE People get to be born into the zodiac so why can’t songs? A summer seasonal show […]
Gilmore Girls A Year in The Life Recaps

Gilmore Girls: The Revival Recap

Gilmore Girls: The Revival Recap is a Summer seasonal on SYN 90.7. Each week we present a review for each of the […]

Questionable Love Song Dedications

A music-comedy show debunking famous love songs that really shouldn't be dedicated to anybody due to their weird subtexts and sometimes obvious euphemisms
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Genres, introducing one new genre weekly. Tune into Genres to hear different, unorthodox music introduced into your ear-holes weekly. Along with the […]
The Weekly Buffet MAINS

The Weekly Buffet with Serpaz & Smithies

An exciting new show on SYN 90.7 FM radio which aires on Wednesday 12th October and runs for 10 weeks from 9am […]
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Lab Rats – The SYN Science Show

Lab Rats with Nicholas and Alayna is the seasonal show about SCIENCE on SYN Nation. We talk about news and recent discoveries in the science sector! We have interviews with real research scientists who do the work discovering things about the world! We explain scientific ideas, knowledge, and concepts without the technical jargon!
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Too Young To Fail

Presenters Zach & Charlie explore the issues of today's 20-something, whether they be a new love interest, a change in career, or a chance to explore the world, and offer their unsolicited advice.

Stories and You

This is Stories and You, the show were each week, we explore the stories in every day things. Join, Eunice, Evrim and James, as we […]

Boogie Wonderland

Boogie Wonderland is the home for disco and funk and all things groovy. Each week on Sunday at 10pm, Rosa will showcase popular […]
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Today’s the Day

Today’s the Day is a show that celebrates general knowledge, banter and beats! Each week we take you for a walk down memory lane, unpacking […]

The Haunting Hour

THE HAUNTING HOUR- Exploring all things SPOOKY! Unsolved mysteries, with film reviews, news and discussion. MONDAYS 11 PM.

Girl Gang

Spend your Saturday night with Girl Gang, the hot and spicy seasonal on SYN 90.7, airing every Saturday from 6-7PM Hosts Em […]

Whats The Buzz

Whats The Buzz Breaks Down The Week That Was  In  Entertainment News Talking The  Latest headlines and Celebrity Interviews. Hosted By Darcy […]

Fringe Benefits

Our goal is to showcase music that we feel deserves more recognition, and to support young artists on the verge of breaking […]

Musique So Chic!

A show dedicated to french music and culture.
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Liner Notes

Sharing the stories of individuals in music who aren’t necessarily front and centre. Liner Notes invites guests into the studio to talk all about their […]

Soul Level (with Sim Victor)

SOUL LEVEL (with Sim Victor) is a show about Meditation. Discussing and presenting about: Meditation from multiple perspectives such as ancient Pagan thought, […]

Soul Level (with Sim Victor)

SOUL LEVEL (with Sim Victor) is a show about Meditation. Discussing and presenting about: Meditation with from multiple perspectives such as ancient […]


Musicology is a show that delves into a different genre of music each week. Sundays at 1PM on Syn 90.7 https://www.mixcloud.com/Music0l0gy/

The Yellow Family

In 2005, Australia’s favourite best buddy, radio, comedy duo were well underway to becoming the icons they are today. Tom & Michael met […]

Collarts on SYN

Welcome to the Collarts’ at SYN page ~ Checkout Collarts’ Entertainment Journalism students audio & digital content as part of our cool […]

This Week In

Join Maddy and Ollie every Sunday night as we review the week that was! This Week In takes a light hearted look […]

Youth and Loud

Youth and Loud (Giving Youth a Voice on Radio) Youth and Loud is an awwwwesomely cool new podcast that discusses some of […]

The Study Break

Lucy and Luke debunking student situations, Saturdays at 11am on SYN 90.7
Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar

A show celebrating women and the amazing contributions they make to the music industry

Disco On Your Doorstep

The best in underground dance music at your doorstep. Featuring a special guest DJ. Every Friday from 11pm on SYN 90.7

Amateur Hour

What happens when you’re the new kids on the block??… You want to be bright eyed, bushy tailed people, who want to […]

I’m Not From Here

After moving East from Western Australia in March of 2016, Josh Martin is Victoria’s newest Melbournite. Each week he experiences something different that […]

Fandom Support Group

A radio show guiding you through the world of fandoms, Sundays from 3pm on SYN 90.7

Life in Colour

Life in Colour Welcome to the Life in Colour Show! Join us each week as we dissect current affairs and issues in […]

Cinematic Static

Cinematic Static is a weekly radio show on SYN 90.7. Want a weekly discussion on all things film? Ben Volchok is here. […]

Doof Heads

Calling out all doof heads, if you love technotic techno, psychotronic psytrance and tri-partisan trance pounding out on your radio. Then join […]

The Staycationer Zone

This show is a zone where we encourage you to embrace your inner staycationer and learn about all the great touristy things […]

What If?!

What If?! is an hour-long show about heavy covers of popular music hosted by San. It is apart of SYN’s Moshpit flagship […]

What If?!

What If?! is an hour-long show about heavy covers of popular music. It is apart of SYN’s Moshpit flagship genre night bringing […]

Mood Swing Mondays with Bec & Jac

  Welcome to your new favourite day of the week. Tune in weekly to ‘Mood Swing Mondays with Bec and Jac’ and […]

OTrivia Newton John

OTrivia Newton John is the best comedy panel show since The Verdict! Each week, join Tim McDonald and some of Melbourne’s finest […]


Syn 90.7 seasonal show Conceptions hosted by Scott “Sgt. Space” Haller and David Costar is based around one core principle, music is […]

The Splash

Jessi Dean – J.D – aims to captivate audiences using music as a mode of transportation. A rhythmic journey like no other. […]

Side A/Side B

Tim and Sam take you on a musical journey, joining the dots between two albums and exploring them individually.


Melbourne music, Australian stories (mostly). Every Sunday at 2:00pm on SYN 90.7

This Week in Footy

Join Peter Tseros, John Donohoe and Cale Morton every fiday form 3-4pm for everything football. 



WTF (Why Teens Freak)

Are you feeling ANGSTY? Do you ever FREAK OUT? Well, fear no more. Tune in every Saturday with Kiana and Tara for […]

Super Salty

Super Salty is the exploration of psychedelic music and surrounding genres, from the heads of the nineteensixties to the tippy toes of […]

The Bazinga Show

The Bazinga Show is a variety style program on SYN 90.7 that covers all things from gaming and movies to jobs and […]


Our show is intended to take you through the ins and outs of lesser known internet subcultures and their associated music, aesthetic, […]

Take Care

Let Tilly and Alana Take Care of you each week as the girls dissect current affairs and explore our beloved pop culture. […]

The Groove

A Friday night fiesta of only the funkiest house music. Get those groove shoes on and start your weekend off with a […]


Ever wondered what a perfect world would be like? Luke & Marty are exploring every area of society to create the ultimate […]

The Old Black

The Old Black is the story of Black Metal, one of the most mysterious and controversial musical genres in history. From simple […]

NEXT with Jake Stevens

Music's next generation arrived - Hosted by Jake Stevens, NEXT played brand new tunes from Australia's best under-18 musicians and bands before anyone else.


Amplified is you one stop show for live Rock and Metal concerts. Each week i will play a live set by one band. […]

Luke & Marty

The Luke & Marty Podcast exists because we figured somthing is better than nothing.  Our show is like pillow forts, pretty fun […]

The Hungry Traveller

The show is exactly what the show is called ‘The Hungry Traveller’ – being a person that loves to cook and eat, […]

Culture Pop

Listen in every week at 3pm Saturdays as we discuss and ‘pop’ cultural stereotypes in popular culture. Got any questions about culture, […]

Find a Club

Join Chloe and Phoebe on their magical 13-week journey as they find the ultimate club to join. Do you want to Find […]

The Young and Restless

Your voyage on the goodship House Music departs at 9pm every Friday. Tune in for techno test-presses, deep discographies, minimal masters and […]

The Roommate Agreement

Join Scott and Josh as they go through the process to move out. Joined by guests with all varying experiences and situations, […]

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a new show shining the spotlight on local, up and coming, unsigned and independent artists from Melbourne and […]

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? How about visiting another planet? Or perhaps you’d like to take a stroll down […]

Equaliser Effect

Equaliser Effect Radio Weekly Radio Show via SYN 90.7FM (Melbourne, AUS) Featuring Upcoming Underground; Beatmakers, MC’s, Neo-Soul and Nu-Jazz Artists. Hosting Live […]

Mission PossABILITY

Impossible? No way. Mission Poss-ABILITY is dedicated to informing our listeners about life as a young person with a disability. With some […]

Radio Wave

Radio Wave- The science show!   Join Jaz and Jo on Mondays at 10pm on SYN 90.7 to join the science chat. […]


A show about dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. 

Culture Cruising with Sahba Dehghani

Always wanted to travel the world but found your wallet on the lighter side? Passionate about exploring cultures but don’t have the […]

Teach Me Music

Alex and Ed have been arguing about music for a decade. Now they’re taking the fight to the airwaves and aim to […]


Our show is a passionate and playful look at film and television. We maintain an all-encompassing look into the entertainment industry including […]

The Goat Driving Free Zone

It is illegal in Melbourne to be on a carriage driven by a goat, so we are going to tell you everything […]

The Scoop -Latest In Movie News

Darcy breaks down the week in movie news and finds out what is trending in the world of entertainment and the latest […]

Maria Romas


The Scoop

Darcy breaks down the week in movie news and finds out what is trending in the world of entertainment and the latest […]

The Gang’s All Here

It’s Murphy McLachlan’s final show for SYN before he turns 26, so he’s spending each week with guests and other SYN members […]

The Week that Was

Georgia and Phoebe chatting about current affairs, news and pop culture. 

The Classic Hour – with Paul Morello & Andrew Saliba

COMEDY SHOW 11am – 12pm Sunday’s Summer Season ^look, it’s a lot better than the desciption. CHECK OUR PODCASTS – https://soundcloud.com/classichour Segments include: […]

Quarter-Life Crisis

Holla!!! Welcome to our brand-spanking new show all about the trials and tribulations of lfie as a twenty-something. We are Amy and […]

Second Thoughts

Everything old is new again with Second Thoughts. This summer, Steven and Birrell look at their, and our, nostalgia. Casting a critical […]

Centre Court

Broadcasting throughout January 2015 to discuss & cover Australia’s summer of tennis

YAMEC on SYN (NMIT Young Adult Migrant Education Course)

This show is created by a fantastic group of young people as part of the Young Adult Migrant Education Course; a collaboration […]

Tell Me Something Interesting

Interesting true stories from history, science, crime and culture.


Youth Adult Migrant Education Course (YAMEC) participants from NMIT TAFE.

Talking Australia

Our show will include the analysing of the latest news and headlines from all around the world; as well as discussing and […]


One solid hour mix of the best Deep House and Future House tracks. You will be joined by your friendly Disk Jockey, […]

Electric Asylum

Music that will drive you insane. The purpose of this show is discovering experimental electronic music, favouring the evil sounds. Much of […]

The Decades

Discover how the music we listen to today came to be


A syncytium is a multinucleated cell that can result from multiple cell fusions of uninuclear cells.  A SYNcytium is a group of […]


International students present a guide to Melbourne from those who’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. 10-11am Saturdays on SYN 90.7FM

Jam Factory

Jam Factory on SYN 90.7 presented by Darcy Thomson Everything dance – new and old – to get you up and shaking […]

The Show Show

Murphy McLachlan presents a weekly half hour of sketches.

The Nomads

The Nomads airs on SYN 90.7 on Saturdays at 8pm. Each week your hosts, Ben and Zoe, explore a different Australian city, […]

Takemura & Friends

Silly, stupid and irrelevant little men talking absolute garbage. Join Michael, Donks and Rob pay tribute to the enigmatic radio myth – […]

Stroll Out

A midweek look forwards and backwards at Melbourne Music. A focus on recent local releases, gigs around town and international visitors.

The Beat Bots

Heya  Fans!! This is the Beat Bots with Marlee and Simon. We are playing all you favourite music from 10pm Monday Nights […]

The Fantascope Variety Hour

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”  – Henry Thoureau What if we told you that you never had to […]

Shakers ‘n Movers

Unique music show on SYN. A great mix of new and old music. Strong focus on blues/jazz/rock genres. 10pm Friday on SYN […]


We review movies of all genres, countries and time periods; obscure movies, mainstream movies, silent films, foreign, films, documentaries, personal favourites of […]

Just Saying

Welcome to Just Saying! Every week, Deb and Jess will choose a new topic and attack it with all their might! From […]

Generation Z

Each week we discuss the issues affecting our present and future, as the most connected generation of all time takes the world […]

The Guilty Pleasure Surrender Hour

How long has it been since your last confession? Hosted by Nick Mason, The Guilty Pleasure Surrender Hour is an unashamed celebration of contentious […]

The New Black

The New Black explores the developments in black metal since the 1990’s, delving into a range of bands who incorporate progressive, alternative […]


Putting the shine on support bands and musicians across Australia, this is Spotlight on SYN! Join Bridget every Monday night at 9pm […]

Beneric Sound

So, what is this all about then? If I have one goal in this show I would say with conviction that wanna […]

Out to Score

A show that looks at great soundtracks, and hopefully helps to keep your Friday night lively.

Leaning To The Left

Quality banter. IS that a thing? Well it is now. Zach and Will discuss various methods on how to become a well […]

Technical Difficulties

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES is SYN’s award winning comedy sketch show. Featuring live segments and games, comedy sketches and original music.

Perverse Positivity

Your weekly supply of dross, drivel and general nonsense, with a few songs thrown in for good measure.

Film Stock

Broadcasting every Sunday from 12pm on Melbourne’s SYN 90.7 and online at www.syn.org.au (just click the button at the top of this page!) FILM STOCK […]

Play Off The Park

Play Off The Park is a show about soccer and its links to mucic, culture and the lives of players and fans […]


Join Aaron Buxton and Lachlan Berry as they subjectively quantify the universe and play some sick beats.

Swinburne on SYN Melbourne

Swinburne University of Technology Broadcast Journalism Diploma students on SYN. 



Youth Pioneers

Youth Pioneers is on air 11am Saturday in Season 3. The program makers are members of the Western Young People’s Independent Network […]

Sci What?

A look into the wonderful and sometimes confusing world of Science ft. rapping & ocassional pop culture references.


Nick Mason presents Pre-Apocalypse, a radio series about the end of the world. Each episode features a hilarious free-for-all chat about the […]

Motivational Mindset

We’d like to welcome this lovely young lady, who is adamant about introducing University students to some of the amazing, inspirational and […]

Urban Flavors

Playing all the best in new and old skool R’n’B/Hip Hop/Soul with urban news and live guests in the form of some […]

The Dump Button w/Tom & Laney

Outrageous, funny, and unpredictable are the sort of adjectives Tom & Laney want listeners to use when describing their new show, The […]

In Bed With Bella & Jess

Staying in on a Monday night?  Why not jump In Bed With Bella, Caz & Jess? Join in on the weekly rant, […]

Equaliser Effect

Equaliser Effect is bringing you the best and latest music from unsigned local Australian beat makers to world renowned international artists. Speacalising in […]

Primary School Disco

Reminisce with Chiara and Beck as they relive their favourite music, movies, pastimes and more from the ’90s and early ’00s. Fridays […]

Dudemasters – Northern Support Services

Northern Support Services (NSS) for people with disabilities is a non-profit community organisation created by people with a disability and their families in […]

The Kitchen

Adam, Matt, Josh and Rhiannon help make the ride home more enjoyable with games, humour and all round silliness while keeping you up to date with all that is in music, weird news and weather.

Big Words

Big Words is a weekly discussion on all things media hosted by Amy and Jane every Wednesday from 9-10am. We’ll talk the […]

Big Words

Big Words is a weekly discussion on all things media hosted by Amy and Jane every Wednesday from 9-10am. We’ll talk the […]

Down Your Street

Down Your Street is a show where we investigate the history of rock n roll as seen from our very own backyard. […]

The Best Worst

The Best Worst plays the worst songs of all time, some of these are guilty pleasure songs and some are just plain […]

Tom & Olly’s Afternoon Breakfast Show

It’s like breakfast radio, but it’s in the afternoon. Perfect for hospitality staff, shift workers, stay-at-home mums/dads, the unemployed and breakfast radio […]

Tom & Olly’s Afternoon Breakfast Show

“Ah damn! My bloody shift work/being a student has made me sleep through my favourite part of the morning… Breakfast radio! If […]

Check 1, 2

Music nerds unite! Nick Mason presents Check 1, 2 – SYN’s new Saturday evening music program that seeks to entertain and educate. […]

The Greatest Hits

The Greatest Hits is a Wednesday night time warp dedicated to the legends of the music industry. Featuring a legendary act or […]

The Social

Two guys that aren’t licenced or qualified to give advice, somehow giving advice. They also discuss the complexities of social behaviour….   […]

The Age Of Resistance

The Age Of Resistance Our homage to youth. An audio shrine to ‘no regrets’. Soaring through a youthful bucket list.  We believe […]

Lava Rock & Iron

A show where a whole lot of music is played from Hard Rock, Metal and rock ‘n’ roll is played. A whole […]

OTrivia Newton John

OTrivia Newton John is a new panel-based trivia show airing on SYN 90.7 FM on Fridays at 9pm! Featuring Tim McDonald as […]

The Working Life

The Working Life is a half hour show that aims to get to know more about people who work in the media, […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Box Office

Any movie nerd listening to a film review knows that it is kinda pointless to look at one movie on its own. […]

Swell Jams: Through the Ages

Join us on a musical adventure through time and space!   Every Monday from 8pm-9pm Each week hosts Dale and Owen explore a […]

Leach On Society

The old, wise man of SYN (that being age 25) Dylan Leach returns to his true broadcasting home of 90.7fm while he […]

In Bed With Bella, Caz & Jess

Staying in on a Saturday night?  Why not jump In bed With Bella, Caz & Jess? Join in on the weekly rant, […]

Friday Night Club!

SYN’s weekly hour of dusty dance tunes, from terrace house to waterfall disco. Presented by Darcy Thomson with mixes by Headband Friday Night […]

Wanderlust Melbourne

Representing the international student body, sharing experiences on everyday situations and crisis’. Come take the window seat on the international student perspective […]

The Bilbo Swaggins Variety Hour.

*Born to be wild* Variety coming atcha each week. Season 2!


Join the insanity of Justin, Michael, Digby and Keira every Saturday from 7-8pm on 90.7 Syn for tons of fun and occassional […]

The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans.

Hello! My name’s Michelle and welcome to the radio show with the longest title ever* So why is it called The Alphabet […]

Too Much Exposition

Join Claudia and Pedro as they take you through some of the lowest rated films ever made, discussing the twists, tropes and […]

The Witching Hour

Cast the circle and tune in to SYN 90.7FM Friday nights at 8pm for ‘The Witching Hour’. Bringing you an all-new show […]


ISLAND TIME – Where we are about Culture, History, Music, Entertainment and Young Perspectives. Bringing home closer to you.

The Multifarious Theatre Show

Dance, music theatre, opera, plays, and so much more. Your weekly fix of live theatre with hosts opera extraordinaire Jeremy and music […]

The Graduates

Tune in Saturdays 5-6pm on SYN 90.7FM as Sally, Daisy and Emma journey through the world of job hunting.

DEFCON Bulletin

A completely bizarre fictional comedy news program, set in its own alternate universe.    Fictional Description:  Running for over 50 years, this […]

Campus Media

Martin Ditmann’s student magazine show journey on SYN radio! Listen every Saturday from 4-5pm on http://syn.org.au:8000/syn.m3u or in Melbourne, 90.7 FM!

Live Radio Workshops

SYN’s Live Radio Workshop is a fun way to try radio in a short and fun workshop where you actually go live […]

The Love of a Nerd

We all have that one friend that is absolutely crazy about something. A show, a movie, a game. And you might just […]

Harmony Day Broadcast 2014

SYN’s Harmony Day Broadcast 2014 was a collaboration between 3 of our Community Programs – The Mayibuye Show, Intersection and Culture Clash. […]

Fresh Sounds

Playing tracks from right across Australia and the world, including selections from SYN's weekly Feature Albums and Sweet 16 high-rotation playlist.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is all about talking movies and looking at classic as well as the most recent in the world of Cinema. […]

Graveyard Shift

SYNners taking over the airwaves from 2 – 6am. Listen in for eclectic raw, late night radio.

That Movie Show

That Movie Show Joins Darcy Oliver as your host as he breaksdown the latest in Entertainemt which includes the latest movie news […]

Just Good Friends

From the makers of SYN’s seasonal comedy programme ‘Something Completely Different’ comes a wildly imaginative show, full of wacky shenanigans and strictly […]

A Science Story

The universe is a vast and bewildering place. If you’re ever feeling swamped by its infiniteness, then don’t fear! Just tune into A […]

Culture Clash

Culture Clash aims to alert people to the array of issues that different cultural groups experience, showcasing topics that youth are interested […]


The Mayibuye Show is a number of young people from the Mayibuye Group – here is some info about them: Mayibuye was […]

Ranting and Raving

Join Jess and Ilya 10pm, Ranting and Raving about anything and everything – friendships, relationships, your mother, your brother, and why they […]

The Talk Report

Have you heard the news? Well so have Tom and Murphy! So you’re not that special!! In fact they have a whole […]

SYNners Past

In SYNners Past Matilda Marozzi delves into the past of SYN Media to find out what happens to volunteers after SYN.   Every Saturday afternoon at 4pm […]

Rap Got So Much Soul

Mondays 8-9pm on SYN starting on the 3rd of Feb. An exploration of the connections between soul and hip hop music. Every week […]

The Hijack

New music by under-18s, plus everything music. Hosted by Jake Stevens, The Hijack featured new music by Australia's best underage musicians, while dissecting the latest in music.


new artist each week. 10 songs that made them the muso they are today

Oh Yeah!

Two men coming together for one hour to help the average Joe (or Joett) relax, let off some steam and laugh their […]


Rogue presents both a humorous and informative look at the world of fashion. We’ll discuss trends, debunk common fashion myths and feature […]


Empower. Inspire. Discover. SYN’s Multifaith Perspectives Program, talking openly and honestly about life and spirituality.


Please log in…   Password accepted.   You are now logged in to Chatroom, SYN’s hub of geek pop and tech.   […]

Hashtag (#OnSYN)

Crowdfunding. It’s the new way creative projects get made.  However, after a few years of trial and error, is it living up […]

Life. With a Side of Fries.

  Our show is about Life… With a Side of Fries. (If you haven’t worked that out already). {C} Years and years […]

KB Confidential

KB Confidential is a program featured on SYN on Saturday mornings!! Hosted by KB, the program features such segments as KB Knows, […]

TMG’s Obsc-Hour

This crazy show is about obscure music and some classics that some people may not have heard. Remixes, mashups, sometimes weird, sometimes […]

Future Politicians

Future Politicians is a space for young Australians to talk about politics. For political news, views and interviews you can relate to […]

The Very Defective Arrangement

Airing from 6-7pm Mondays on SYN 90.7fm, digital and online, Alan and Louka bring you engaging and relevant philosophical discussions every week. […]


Sidequest is SYN’s home of indie and retro gaming.

Queer Youth on Air

Queer Youth On Air is about, by and for same-sex-attracted and gender diverse young people and their friends and allies in Melbourne […]

Remember Me!

Join Dale as he brings you BACK IN TIME to relive a week in Music, News, Movies and FUN! Remember the ARIA […]

The Podium

Join us on ‘The Podium’ as we bring you up to date with all of the latest motorsport news from Australia and […]


 Saturdays 6-7pm, Season 1 2013   ERMAHGERD covers all things ‘internet’ from viral hits, to the more bizarre memes. Each week we’ll discuss […]

Saturday Night Party Lights

 A dance show for one and all Satudays 11 till 12 (midnight) 

8-bit Adventure

  Summer programming on SYN

Access Programming: Queeries

SYN provides opportunities for youth, community and cultural groups to access SYN’s radio, television and online platforms. Our training and access programs are […]

the Forkman show

join me forkman 3pm to 4pm for loads of fun.


We all need music to make us feel sexy, happy or nostalgic. But have you ever struggled with making a playlist for […]

Represent: Victoria Votes

Are you a bumbling Brumby-ite? Or busting for Baillieu? Don’t know? Can’t decide? Too confusing? Below the Line will do the hard […]
The Awkward Stage logo (old)

The Awkward Stage

SYN's newest members, finding their feet. The Awkward Stage is SYN's under-18's training program.
Objection on SYN


Objective. Objectionable. Objection. Objection is home to segments like “Idiot of the Week” , “Ask Karl” , “Behind the Lyrics”, “World’s Unluckiest People” and “Would You Rather”.