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Some ideas for programs aren’t suited to a flagship program: they’re just too unique.

Seasonal programs allow volunteers to create a show about almost anything.

This give volunteers the opportunity to get really creative with their ideas and provides them with more autonomy to create a show that is uniquely theirs.

So Fresh Sundayz: Winter Fresh

So Fresh Sundayz: Winter Fresh brings the best winter tracks from So Fresh CDs from the 2000s back onto the airwaves. Each […]

Friday On My Mind

Wrapping up the week’s news with a humorous tone. Guests interview each week with members of the community and other guests.   Tune […]

Radio Rehab

Radio Therapy is about curing Alex’s un-Australianitis, a disease he (like many others) suffered from unknowingly. This was evident in his lack […]

Sound Check

Sound Check is a gig guide for Melbourne, sound checking all the big names & artists that are stopping by Melbourne in […]

Get On The Go

Classic rock music from the 1950s – 1970s. If you are interested in music history and social history this is the show […]

The Saturday Sleep In

National youth weekend breakfast show for the youth of Australia, on a Saturday morning, wherever they are.


EDM music and party songs mixed live on the radio.
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Psych Coup D’état

Psychedelic music from the 1960s – 1980s from the Middle East. From the Coups of Turkey to Ba’athist Iraq. From the Soviet […]

Paniq Stations

Showcasing left-field dance music, with a specific focus on bringing female, non-binary and queer DJs and producers to the forefront.

Folking Sic Acoustic

Showcasing acoustic and folk music from around the globe.

The Re-Write

The-Rewrite is an episodic film and TV show that rewrites the stories that we love (or perhaps want to love). Million-dollar budgets, […]

Art Smitten

Art Smitten is SYN’s biweekly guide to arts, culture and entertainment in Melbourne and around the world. With a focus on youth and […]

Bust Down Thursdayana / Fort Brox

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Bust Down Thursdayana: Hosted by Toby, Bust Down Thursdayana offers some chill vibes as […]

Murdoch on the Dance Floor / Confinement

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Murdoch on the Dance Floor: A pun based on the famous song, and hosted […]

Tools Down Friday / South St Sidewalk

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Tools Down Friday: Hosted by Michael, as we approach the end of the work […]

The Collective / Arvos With Abbey

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. The Collective: Made up of the collection of 4 team members with different interests […]

Rippa Mondays / Stuck On Shuffle

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Rippa Mondays: Hosted by Sam, Rippa Mondays aims to be an informative and entertaining […]

East Kimberley Kids Show

The latest from our partners at Waringarri Radio. Young people from Waringarri Radio 6WR in Kununurra play their favourite tracks and talk about […]
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Global electronic and dance music. Housemates is a space for new music to be featured, artists to be interviewed, classics to be played […]

Hot Sauce

Conversations about the culture of hip hop. Hot Sauce explores what it means to be a creative in Melbourne by giving a platform […]

Kayak And The Canoe

Two radios hosts thrust together. They both have contrasting ideas for what they want the show to be. They may be on […]
The Mixtape

The Mixtape

The Mixtape is based upon building a mixtape of songs from several countries, including; Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and many more… Every […]
Group Photo - Youthworx

Youth with You

We are young people from Youthworx Media, broadcasting on SYN 90.7 FM! Our show is by young people bringing you stories about […]
Youth Media Hub

FX Youth On Air

Hailing from the Fitzroy Valley in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Valley Youth On Air is a showcase of […]

Snap, Crackle, and K-Pop

From our partners at 2BOB Radio in Taree, Em & Iz present an eclectic mix of K-Pop & more.

What Are People Watching?

Catch up on movie & TV reviews from our partners at Gippsland FM. Join host Keely Rooney as she discovers what people […]
The Edge

The Edge

Broadcasting from Fitzroy Crossing in the remote Kimberley Region of WA, The Edge aims to inform people across Australia on the news […]

Youth Connect

Cat and Will bring you the latest in local and national youth content, examining key issues, talking smack, and delivering the tunes. A Latrobe Valley exclusive space for us yoof to learn and enjoy radio.

Feedback Loop

From our partners at 2BOB Radio in Taree, join Abbey and Sarah as they playlist their favourite tunes each week.
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Mixed Bag

The best new stuff from across the musical spectrum, as well as a few old tunes for good measure. From the studios of Radio Fremantle, part of the SYN Nation project.