On the Move


Commuters understand the headache that a late train or a cancelled bus can cause. But when you have tonnes of grain to move around the country, disruptions in the transport network become a much bigger problem.

4.3 million tonnes of grain is transported around Victoria by train each year and more efficient transport makes a huge difference to our farmers.

So should we favour trucks or trains? And what does the southern rail link have to do with all of this? Listen in to find out. 

This is one of seven podcasts produced at the Horizon Summit in June 2016 with the support of SYN Media. Young farmers and agricultural science students from around Australia convened for the summit and shared their views on the future of agriculture.

This podcast was produced by Jonathon Moore, Felicity Taylor, Paul Sanderson, Peta Stockwell and Cameron Broun


August 9th 2016
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