Opinion: Ice Bucket Charity


The first ice bucket challenge I come across on facebook was from Mark Zuckerberg (I had to google his name, for some reason I was thinking Mark McFudderden but I knew that wasn’t right) himself, he challenged Bill Gates and others to pour the icy water over there head or they would have to donate $100 to ALS. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just donate, I suppose he did anyway. Ice bucket challenge has been criticized regularly on Facebook for being attention seeking, being dangerous to your body and not really helping the cause, but it is raising money, some people are donating and while not everyone who does the challenge donates did anyone donate for nek nominate, planking and any other social media trends? This was just something that some guys came up with and then decided to use it to raise money for a good cause. The ice bucket challenge is achieving both financial benefits for the ALS (Motor Neuron Disease here in Australia) as well as awareness which is also important. The US ASL Association has raised 79.7 million since July 29 2014 up from 2.5 million in the same period last year. However if people are donating so much money to this cause will the others miss out? A WIN Television Sports presenter makes some excellent points in this video and please know that I am not telling you to not donate to ALS/Motor Neuron Disease research but just share it around there are many worthy charities. September (only next month) is International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month so I’ve made a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and I hope you do the same any little bit helps and maybe we can come up with some crazy internet stunts to raise funds for other important charities.

-Sam Maloney, SYN’s Young Media Leader in Warrnambool, The Difference co-host

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