Opinion: Royal Baby Royal Baby Royal Baby


As you may of read, well probably read, well I’m going to assume you read it, it was all over facebook, another royal baby is on the way. I’m surprised so many people are still excited by the royal family, will the Royals ever go out of date? I don’t understand the appeal. Maybe its because I’m too young to remember the work Princess Diana did, Perhaps it is the work Diana did for AIDS awareness and many other causes that reinvigorated the Royal family and each Royal baby and every other positive Royal story reinvigorates and promotes the archaic tradition of Royalty. Maybe its this constant reinvigoration that keeps our fascination with the Royals going. While I have respect for any charity work any of the royal family does, Are they indismissable? Does there financial cost justify the good they do? The Royal family has been a part of Australian’s worlds for over 200 years. When princess Diana died I was 3 years 11 months old mum told me that I would always remember where I was when I found out, and I do, we were painting my grandmothers letterbox and one of her neighbours came across and told us, I didn’t understand why this was such major news then. Maybe one day I will understand why the Royal babies are such big news. Could it simply be that the media want to cover soft stories to break up the bad news? Am I part of a new generation who don’t understand/care about the Royals? Could this lead to a republic Australia in the next 30 years, Could Australia have a president and how would it work? I have a lot of questions here that I can’t answer but come back to this page on September 8 2044 and see if you can answer the questions.

-Sam Maloney 

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