Organising your Vodcast

Running sheets
A smooth production relies on good organisation and teamwork. Running sheets help you to organise your time and let everyone know what they should be doing.
In your group, some of you will present the segment while others will have roles like producer and camera technician. Everyone (presenter, producer and camera technician) will benefit from using the running sheet to know exactly what is happening and what it is they should be doing.
The role of the presenter(s) is to present the segment.
The role of the producer is to oversee the production of the segment. They need to be aware of the time and to notify the presenter when to wind up or move on to the next part of the segment.
The role of the camera technician is to maintain the standards of quality video and audio throughout the recording.
As well as the segments that you are producing there are a few other parts of the video blog that you will need to produce.
Intro: introduces the segment, introduces the presenter(s), states themes or topics, maps out what will be happening throughout the video blog.
Bridges between ideas (optional): provides links between separate ideas, can be done using a voice-over or musical theme, or both.
Outro: wraps up the video blog and reminds the audience of what they heard: themes, ideas, guests, etc. Reinforces the key ideas or themes of the segment.
Road mapping exercise:
In your groups, use the Segment SYNboard to create running sheets and write script outlines for your segment.
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