How Orlando Bloom’s proposal to Katy Perry went horribly wrong

Credit: Getty via Zimbio.

Katy Perry has dished the dirt on just how Orlando Bloom popped the question.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live overnight, the ‘Witness’ singer said the proposal didn’t go according to plan.

“We went to dinner, and I thought we were going to go see some art after dinner, but instead we pulled up to a helicopter,” Perry told Kimmel. “It was really sweet, he asked me to marry him in the helicopter. The funny part is, we had champagne in the helicopter and the (ring) box was in his pocket. He had written everything he wanted to say in a note to divert (my attention).”

The singer and American Idol judge said Bloom also had a lot of trouble getting the ring box out of his coat pocket (poor guy!), which led him to accidentally break the champagne bottle in the helicopter while she pretended not to notice what was happening.

“The champagne (bottle) is broken, the bottle is everywhere, and I’m still looking at the note, and he’s pulling out this box that’s too big for his coat pocket, so it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne,” she said.

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While the proposal didn’t go the way Bloom had planned, the Lord of the Rings star did eventually get the answer – she said ‘yes’ – he was looking for.

Perry announced her engagement with Bloom on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

“Full bloom,” she wrote alongside a picture of herself and her actor beau as she showed off her engagement ring.

Perry showed off her engagement ring, Credit: Katy Perry, Instagram.

Perry showed off her engagement ring, Credit: Katy Perry, Instagram.

The couple started dating after the Golden Globe Awards in January 2016 before splitting in 2017 and reuniting in April last year.

Image Credit: Getty via Zimbio.