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The Smackdown Hotel was unfortunately not on this week (3rd of August) however that was for a very good reason. I was invited by the Centre of Attention Trikki D, the local wrestler interviewed on the show a couple weeks ago to come down to Rowville to check out their event, which is exactly what I did. So here is my report on PCW’s August event ‘Countdown’   Coming in to the Polish House in Rowville we were shown our seats which were unbelievably close to the ring.In fact we were right up against the entrance ramp and just one row away from the ring so the action was up very close for the entire night, which began with the commentators introducing themselves and getting the crowd ready for what was to be an action packed night After the introductions the new PCW Tag Team Champions The Alliance of Violence made their presence known with manager Benny English to celebrate their huge win to end the 12 month reign of Fully Syk and become the Tag Team Champions.Benny English immediately got into the insulting, trying to find anything he could possibly prod with a stick until he let the members of The Alliance of Violence know that he has brought presents for them, a steel chair for The Enforcer and a new pair of gloves for Chris Trio. Hesitantly the Tag champs left the ring with English and walked to the back to get ready for their match later on. We then got the opening match which saw Alberto Bravo w/Ruby Raye take on Chris Trance w/Kendo stick in hand.These two got into a very hard fought fight that saw Ruby Raye try to get Bravo to use Trance’s Kendo stick on him. The idea nearly worked until Bravo swung, missing Trance and almost nailing Raye in the head with the stick.Trance then used the opportunity to push Bravo into the ropes, knocking Raye off the apron, and then roll up Bravo for the well fought win. The man from “Trailer number five” Cletus Blood then made his entrance to take on “Mr Greasy” as the crowd liked to call him, Mark KageThis back and forth fight ran really well until a well placed shot to the head followed up by an amazing Shooting Star Press gave Cletus Blood the win. The rather chaotic team Organised Chaos then made their way out startling the crowd bashing their 2X4 all around the barricade to take on the very athletic team known as Fully Syk.After some great teamwork between both pairings and a bit of mayhem on the outside, Organised Chaos managed to sneak in the win, much to the dismay of Mickey Jackson who blamed his partner Sammy Ozekan for the loss, only for him to pin the blame on Jackson and leave his partner standing alone in the ring. After intermission The Mad Bastard KrackerJak came out to the ring to let us all know that he will tear apart the PCW national champion Daniel Swagger tonight in the main event, and that we will all worship the new champion come Carnage in September. The Alliance of Violence then made their second celebratory entrance with Benny English to take on the team that was voted for tonight on PCW’s website. Tarzan was chosen as the first opponent to the tag champs however a second opponent hadn’t been decided, so the President himself Mr Big chose to throw his hat into the ring and help Tarzan take on the PCW Tag Team Champions in a title match.However the champions prevailed as after Mr Big was relentlessly beated down by the Enforcer’s baseball bat used by Benny English behind the referees back this bout became 2 on 1 and the Tag champs decimated Tarzan into the win to retain their gold. The PCW State Champion Gabriel Wolfe then made his entrance to try and defend his title against the Centre of Attention Trikki D.After much of the match was dominated by Trikki the State Champion manged to turn it around and picked his spots well, as he targeted the left arm of Trikki and never set his sights off of it until a bit of an assist from Mark Kage followed up by a second Crossface submission being locked in and the Centre of Attention unfortunately had to tap and allowed Wolfe to retain his State ChampionshipWolfe and Kage weren’t done yet however as they decided they wanted to send a message and continued the assault on Trikki D, that is until Chris Trance ran in with kendo stick in hand ready to take on the State champion and Kage who ran off to the back without harm.Trance helped the Centre of Attention up and out to the back, but beforehand was made a new Touch of Class member by Trikki D after helping out with him and his kendo stick. We then got set for the main event which saw Krackerjak and Danny Psycho team up to take on Touch of Class members Twitch and the PCW National champion Daniel Swagger.This match broke down quickly as Krackerjak only wanted one thing, and that was to tear apart the National champion. However he would have to wait as Twitch wanted to be the first man to test his mettle on the Mad Bastard, and did he ever.This tag team match became a very back and forth match for quite a while (maybe except for the immense amount of chops Twitch was taking to his now bare chest) and even saw the match break down on the outside as Twitch and Pyscho began fighting their way out the back as Krackerjak took advantage and Speared Daniel Swagger for the win.After the match however the Mad Bastard wasn’t finished as he quickly grabbed a chair and bashed Swagger over the head with it and stood over the champion holding the title in the air as he announced that he will challenge Daniel Swagger for the title at PCW Carnage in a street fight.The other Touch of Class members came out and helped the broken down Swagger to the back as the night was drawn to a close. So that was just a brief runthrough of PCW’s Countdown event. I want to send a huge thank you to Trikki D for giving me the tickets to the show and for everyone else that was their supporting our local wrestling scene and watching some great performers battle it out. If you weren’t there I would highly recommend that you purchase your tickets for next month’s event Carnage. You can check it out at Auswrestling.com for more information regarding Carnage and PCW. I hope to see you there in September and hope you continue to enjoy The Smackdown Hotel and the wide variety of things I try to bring to you. Who knows maybe we could get a bit more of a PCW influence happening on the show that brings you news, reviews, results and the occasional rant about everything to do with professional wrestling, The Smackdown Hotel.

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