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Peter McGinley Kolouring Kompetition: winners announced!

Michael and Rob are extremely proud and intensely confused to bring you the winner of the Peter McGinley Kolouring Kompetition!

The Kolouring Kompetition was just an off-hand idea that spiralled wildly and wonderfully out of control, but so many of you got on board that we decided to turn it into a semi-legitimate kontest.

We’re hugely grateful and truly staggered to have received so many entries – and we strongly recommend each of our competitors consult some sort of life planner to re-evaluate their future direction because, to be frank, if this is the sort of stuff you get up to in your spare time…

But we do love you for it, and be sure to enter whatever competition we come up next, whether or not it involves comical and vaguely-racist misspellings in the title.

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And hey, just because the entries have closed it doesn’t mean you can’t still colour Peter in for your own sick amusement! Click here to download the template!


Michael's 'Hippy McGinley' Rob's first entry  Martin (NED) Rob's third entry
 Dan (AUS)  Tiff (GBR) Emily (AUS) Paul (AUS)
Samantha (AUS) Tim (AUS) Daniel (AUS) Elliott (AUS)