Pinch, punch, first day of the month.

Day 4: 1st of August 2013 So today I’m too tired to put a lot of thought into my post. Heads up for future work experience kids, it’s tiring.  Basically today we got to work with the news and current affairs group called panarama or something… I don’t actually know how to spell it. But Lachlan and I went out and asked people how they felt about the rise of price on tobacco. I mainly held the mic, I’m an awkward person and don’t like asking people questions. I did ask them a few though, I just wasn’t the first to talk to them.. If that makes sense to you Internet people… Anyway then we got to edit them all together on audition (which I think I’ve already stated is the funnest thing to do, I don’t think Lachlan enjoyed it as much as I did though). In the end it sounded pretty good, we picked out background music which took us like half an hour of going through all the music. But in the end I found out basically that non smokers think it will help people stop smoking, smokers think it’s a stupid way to get people to stop smoking and ex smokers don’t care at all. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! … I don’t know why I typed that… Near the end of the day we got to have a conversation about music with the music people and record something with this guy for people to learn how to use radio… I don’t know I wasn’t talking much I just watched and laughed. IM TIRED OKAY!! Anyway I might go to sleep now instead of randomly yelling at you people so QUE BATMAN MUSIC!!  *NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA* madi out!


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