Planning your podcast

Interesting content + quality audio = great podcast
Use the podcast guide to think about:

  • What makes interesting content?
  • Who are your audience?
  • What is quality audio?
  • What other media can be used to enhance your podcast?
  • Is all your audio is compliant with copyright standards?

Your podcast
Working in groups of two or three, each of you will present a segment as well as to help with the production of the rest of the podcast.
Using the podcast genre guide decide within your group what genres of segments you will each be presenting and, as a group, which style of podcast you will be making.
Road mapping or outlining your podcast
Now that you have a strong idea about what you want to SYNcast about and what form it will take, its time to outline how your segment will run.
Take the ideas you came up with when you were brainstorming and develop your segment ideas further; using the segment planning worksheet organise your podcast ideas into an outline.
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