Planning your Vodcast

Interesting content + quality video and audio = a great vodcast
Use the vodcast guide to think about:

  • What makes interesting content?
  • Who are your audience?
  • What are the qualities of good video?
  • What other media can be used to enhance your video blog?
  • Is your video blog compliant with copyright standards?

Outlining exercise
Take the ideas you came up with when you were brainstorming and develop your segment ideas further. Using the Vodcast Outline worksheet, organise your video blog ideas into an outline.
Although you won’t be reading from a script, you will still need to prepare what you are going to say.
Scripting exercise
Use dot points or short statements to summarise what you will talk about in your segment and how you will say it. If there will be more than one presenter make sure each person has a copy, it looks and sounds bad if you are using the same sheet or passing it between you.
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