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Player One (17/12/2019)

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Final Player one of the Decade and final episode of the year.

Onmy Link:–Hi4T9kS6WuRHjLH9axTpluQ




  1. All in Good Time - Eddy current suppression ring (official)
  2. Shibuya - The Free Nationals
  3. FamilyJules - Banjo Kazooie Final Battle (feat Grant Kirkhope)
  4. You're In Love - RATT
  5. From the Inside - Linkin Park
  6. Leave Me Lonely - Hilltop Hoods
  7. Repentless - Slayer
  8. Luigi's Ballard - Starbomb
  9. Smash! - Starbomb
  10. Welcome to the Mario Party - Starbomb
  11. DK Rap (Kongo Jungle stage) - Super Smash Bros Melee soundtrack
  12. Danny Don't You Know - Ninja Sex Party


Eddy current suppression ring (official) – All in Good Time
The Free Nationals – Shibuya
FamilyJules – Banjo Kazooie Final Battle (feat Grant Kirkhope)
RATT – You’re In Love
Linkin Park – From the Inside
Hilltop Hoods – Leave Me Lonely
Slayer – Repentless
Starbomb – Luigi’s Ballard
Starbomb – Smash!
Starbomb – Welcome to the Mario Party
Super Smash Bros Melee soundtrack – DK Rap (Kongo Jungle stage)
Ninja Sex Party – Danny Don’t You Know


Jitan Chander

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