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Player One 17th July – Genre Explorer + playlist


This season on Player One Alex is bringing us the Genre Explorer, a fortnightly look at different genres of video games, their highs and lows.

This week’s playlist was:


1. Slinger’s Song from Bastion, composed by Darren Korb.
2. Dark Flute from Superbrothers Sword and Sorcery EP, composed by Jim Guthrie
3. Hyperspace Bonus Level from Shatter, composed by Module
4. Crystals from Hotline Miami, composed by M.O.O.N
5. Milky Way from F.T.L, composed by Ben Prunty.
6. Adventure from Fez, composed by Disasterpiece
7. Cider Time from Dust Force, composed by Terence Lee
8. Betus Blues from Super Meat Boy, composed by Danny Baranowsky
9. Once Upon A Memory from To The Moon, composed by Kan R Gao
10. Ascension from Dear Esther, composed by Jessica Curry
11. Buttermilk Bay from Aqua Kitty, composed by Electric Cafe
12. Nadir from Journey, composed by Austin Wintory
13. Gardening from Olli Olli 2, composed by Mike Slott.

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