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Player One Season four episode eight (25/11/2019)

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Player one (25/11/2019).

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  1. IBC IF U BE DED - Tkay Maidza
  2. Dance for None - Felicity Groom
  3. Sword and Shield Gym Leader Battle Theme (remix) - GlitchxCity
  4. Dr Mario theme - Smash Bros Melee
  5. Parlez Vous Francais - Art vs Science
  6. Neo Geo Song - Kirby's Dream Band
  7. We Are Sex Bob-Omb (from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) - Sex Bob-omb
  8. It Might Be Time - Tame Impala
  9. Tech Love is Insecurable - Chibi
  10. Madeline and Theo (from Celeste) - Lena Raine
  11. When I Get My Braces Off - Mallrat


Tkay Maidza – IBC IF U BE DED
Felicity Groom – Dance for None
GlitchxCity -Sword and Shield Gym Leader Battle Theme (remix)
Dr Mario theme from Smash Bros Melee
Art vs Science – Parlez Vous Francais
Kirby’s Dream Band – Neo Geo Song
Sex Bob-omb – We Are Sex Bob-Omb (from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Tame Impala – It Might Be Time
Chibi-Tech Love is Insecurable
Lena Raine – Madeline and Theo (from Celeste)
Mallrat – When I Get My Braces Off


Jitan Chander

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