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Player One season Four episode Nine (2/12/2019)

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Player One (2/12/2019).

we had special guest Jitan of Electronify program some of the music for us.

Onmy Link:!player-one-completionist


  1. Mess You Up! - Beckah Aman
  2. Don't Come for Me - JGrrey
  3. White noise - Disclosure feat aluna George
  4. Alive (remix) - Skomes
  5. Detroit Jones 92 - Roland Jones
  6. Right Now - Korn
  7. Zelda Lullaby - Polygon Dream
  8. Main Theme - Jake Kaufman
  9. Good Fighter - Yohito Teraoka
  10. Title Theme - Polygon Dream
  11. No weapons - Jake Kaufman
  12. Great fieries fountain - Polygon Dream
  13. Dirty Vibe - Skrillex
  14. Scatta - Skrillex
  15. Unknown from M.E. - Sonic Adventure soundtrack
  16. Zelda theme - Smash Bros N64
  17. Mario Thmeme - Smash Bros N64
  18. COD: Modern Warfare 2 Theme - London Philharmonic Orchestra
  19. Everybody Jump Around - Jet Set Radio soundtrack
  20. Minstrels (from Untitled Goose Game) - Streaming Music Studios
  21. Gusty Garden Galaxy (from Mario Galaxy) - London Philharmonic Orchestra (feat Koji Kondo)


Jitan Chander

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