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Playlist: 16th April


The Hoist’s Thursday ladies kept your night sweet with these mad tunes, and the company of the darling Christian Andrew and the madcats Lamb Boulevard:

  1. Manix – Motion Sick feat Dot
  2. Pearls – Big Shot
  3. Tkay Maidza – M.O.B
  4. The Ruminaters – Mountain Man
  5. Christian Andrew – Little Blue Bird (live)
  6. Christian Andrew – I Wish I Didn’t Care (live)
  7. Christian Andrew – November Rain
  8. Mike Waters – Gambling Man
  9. Pink Harvest – Rainbow
  10. What So Not – Gemini feat. George Maple
  11. Lamb Boulevard – Dreams (live)
  12. Lamb Boulevard – Chosen One
  13. Lamb Boulevard – Ashamed (live)
  14. Lamb Boulevard – Road to Nowhere
  15. Stand Atlantic – Wasteland

April 16th 2015
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