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SYN 90.7

Playlist 31.7.15

Angie – Down For The Count (AUS SWEET 16)

A Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday

Slim Twig – Slippin’ Slidin’ (INT SWEET 16)

West Thebarton Brothel Party- Misophonia

Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses- The View South (Tunnel At The End Of The Light- AUS FEATURE ALBUM)

Major Leagues – Somewhere Sometime

MS MR – Criminals Greyhat – Glider (INT SWEET 16)

Joni in The Moon- War and Porn

State Champs- Secrets Skegss – Fun (AUS SWEET 16)

Los and the Deadlines- Feel At Ease Donovan Frankenreiter- Big Wave Mas Ysa– I Have Some (Seraph- INT FEATURE ALBUM)

Timber Bones- Walking Through The Fire

Hurst – Tom (AUS SWEET 16)

The Adelaide Crows- New Start

LA Priest – Lady’s In Trouble With The Law (INT SWEET 16)

Christian Patey- Sweet Lady

Rum Thief- Stitch In Time