Playlist 5-9-11

this week’s assorted selection of sounds and tunes including treats from Oliver Tank, Gung Ho, Wild Flag and Kurt Vile

Rat Colums – Darkness (Rat columns, 2011)
Shanonn & The Clams – The Warlock In The woods (I wanna go home, 2011)
Gung Ho – Twin Rays (Gung Ho, 2011  – Bandcamp)
Surf City – Autumn (Kudos, 2010)
Terrible Truths – Diamond (Terrible Truths 7”, 2011 – bandcamp)  
Wild Flag – Glass Tambourine (Wild Flag, 2011)

Kurt Vile – Ghost Town (smoke ring for my halo, 2011)
Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita (parallax, 2011)
Destroyer – Chinatown (Kaputt, 2011)

The War On Drugs – Baby missiles (Slave Ambient, 2011)
Blood Orange – Can We Go Inside Now (Coastal Grooves, 2011)
The Xx – Islands (XX, 2009)

Lana Del Ray – Video Games (Videogames 7”, 2011)
Sleepyhands – Smoke People (smoke people, 2011 – bandcamp)
Balam Acab – Motion (wander/wonder, 2011)
Nakagin – Elsewhere [ft. Marcus Whale] (Elsewhere EP, 2011, – bandcamp)
Oliver Tank – Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion (single, 2011 – Soundcloud)
Idiot Glee – Let’s Get Down Together (Paddywhack, 2011)
Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself (an argument with myself EP, 2011)
Youth Lagoon – Cannons (the year of hibernation, 2011)
John Maus – Hey Moon (we must become the pitiless censors of ourselves, 2011)
Active child – I’m In Your Church At Night (Curtis Lane, 2010)
m83 – Skin of the Night (Saturdays = Youth, 2008)


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