Playlist 8-8-11

New beats and treats including m83, parasails, Neon Indian, CANT, High Places, Knwxledge, Pure X and  the sounds of Kanye West & Jay Z collaborating as the entity named The Throne
Rat vs Possum – Fat Monk  [upcoming album, 2011]
Neon Indian – Polish Girl  [ upcoming album, 2011]
Cant – Too Late, Too Far  [Dreams Come True, 2011]
5. High Places – Year Off  [original colours, 2011]
6. Clams Casino – Gorilla  [Rainforest EP, 2011]
Knxwledge – Dukshun [ Hexual Sealings, 2011]
Apple Juice Break – Memories  [ bobby blunt – traveller’s notebook EP, 2011]
JAY Z & Kanye West – Lift Off (feat. Beyonce)  [Watch The Throne, 2011]
The Weeknd – The Morning  [House Of Balloons, 2011]
 Air France – It Feels Good to Be Around You  [single, 2011]
 Pure X – Heavy Air  [Pleasure, 2011]
This Will Destroy You – Killed the Lord, Left for the New World [Tunnel Blanket, 2011]
Slime – Caffeine (Feat. Gaskel Greed) [Increases, 2011]
The Parasails – Skylife 3  [Skylife, 2009]
Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner  [Lone Runner 7”, 2011]
Hanni El Khatib – Wait. Wait. Wait. [Will The Guns Come Out, 2011]
Wayward Youth – Garbage Storm (feat. Sonny Smith)  [Sonny smith’s 100 records vol. 2 : I miss the jams, 2011]
Deerhunter – Helicopter [Halcyon Digest, 2010]
Eat Skull – Oregon Dreaming [Wild & Inside, 2009]
Reckless Vagina – Hit & Miss  [Reckless Vagina 7’’, 2011]
Cults – Never Heal Myself  [Cults, 2011]
Wu Lyf – Heavy Pop [Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, 2011]
Active Child – Hanging On [Hanging On single, 2011]
The Twerps – Grow Old  [swan vs raptor, 2010]
Trouble Books – Arms Full of Lemons [gathered tones, 2010]
Mount Pleasant – In The City  [The flood, 2010]
Broadcast And The Focus Group – Tuesday’s Offering  [study series 04: familiar shapes and noises, 2010]
Collarbones – The Ghostship (iconography, 2011)


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