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Playlist for Friday 17/4


1. Syrup (ft. Midas.Gold) ­ Blair(Aus Sweet 16)

2. Where Do We Go From Here?­ Forest Falls

3. Spit  You Out ­ METZ(Int Sweet 16)

4. Gold­ Andreya Traina

5. Control (ft. Caleb Hodges) ­ Golden Vessel (Aus Sweet 16­ Last week)

6. Wrong Type Of Night­ Soft Picasso

7.     Ship To Wreck- Florence and the Machine

8.     Nothing But A Heartbeat- Say Lou Lou (Lucid Dreaming- Aus Feature Album)

9.     Lonesome Street- Blur

10. Long Distance Runner­ Bop English (Constant Bop­ Int Feature Album)

11. Sidelined­ Shelley Segal

12. Unknown Water­ Ella Fence (Aus Sweet 16)

13. Blow your mind – Gwen Stefani and Eve

14. Puzzle (ft. Andreya Triana)­ Lapalux (Int Sweet 16)

15. Games For Girls (ft Lindstrom)­ Say Lou Lou (Lucid Dreaming­ Aus Feature Album)

16. Romantic Errors Of Our Youth­ The Brawlers

17. On Top – Flume ft T-Shirt

18. Need You Now­ Hot Chip (Int Sweet 16­ Last week)

19. Everyone­ Tees

20. Troppo­ Point Being (Aus Sweet 16­ Last week)

21. Change Is Everything­ Son Lux

22. Bahia Part II ­ The Shy Lips(Int Sweet 16)

23. Emily ­ Thom Lion & The Tamers(Aus Sweet 16)

24. The City Might Be Nervous­ Red Jezebel

25. Look Up ­ Mas Ysa(Int Sweet 16­ Last week)


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