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Playlist for Friday 24/4


6am Hour

  1. Glory and Gore – Lorde
  2. METZ – Spit  You Out (Int Sweet 16- Last week)
  3. Crissy Criss & Youngman- Kick Snare
  4. Guantanamo Baywatch – Do What You Want (Int Sweet 16)
  5. Shag Rock – Champagne (Aus Sweet 16)
  6. Alabama Shakes- The Greatest (Sound and Colour- Int Feature Album)
  7. Hound- Something Else
  8. Delta Rae- Youre The One For Me
  9. Banks – Beggin for Thread


7am Hour

  1. JoJo – Get Out (I’m leaving)
  2. Teeth & Tongue – Cupcake (Aus Sweet 16- Last week)
  3. Megan Landry- Paper
  4. Eliza Hull – Walk Away (Aus Sweet 16)
  5. Holy Holy- You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog
  6. Sia – Chandelier
  7. Mojo Juju- Get Fooled (Seeing Red// Feeling Blue- Aus Feature Album)

8am Hour

  1. I Us and We- Lanterns
  2. Feki – Remember (Aus Sweet 16- Last week)
  3. San Fermin- Emily
  4. King’s Justice – Full Steam Ahead (Aus Sweet 16)
  5. Protomartyr – Blues Festival (Int Sweet 16)
  6. Piero- Anything



April 24th 2015
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