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Playlist: Mar 8th

  1. Dynamite (ft. Baro) – Penelope Austin
  2. Freakout! – Mini Mansions
  3. Adolescence – The Murlocs
  4. Go! – Public Service Broadcasting
  5. Palomino – Gemma Hayes
  6. Au.Ra – Pyramid (Aus Feature Album)
  7. Au.Ra – Ease (Aus Feature Album)
  8. Au.Ra – Morning (Aus Feature Album)
  9. Nuggets of Wisdom – Ghostface Killag & BADBADNOTGOOD
  10. Took Me Up – BUOY
  1. No One – Ben Wright Smith
  2. Taken Blame – Gordi
  3. All Your Fault (ft. Kanye West) – Big Sean
  4. Hold Me Closer – LANKS
  5. Push Pull – Purity Ring (Intl Feature Album)
  6. Sea Castle – Purity Ring (Intl Feature Album)
  7. Begin Again – Purity Ring (Intl Feature Album)
  8. White and Yellow – Prespeus
  9. Long Weekend – Voltaire Twins
  10. Love Like Mine (ft. Cleopold) – Miami Horror
  11. Rich (ft. Anndreyah Vargas) – Cosmo Sheldrake

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