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Playlist: Monday 8th September


  1. Zoom – Last Dinosaurs Zoom

  2. Sacre Cool – Young Montana

  3. Eye ofthe Tiger – Survivor

  4. Words I Don’t Remember – How To Dress Well “What Is This Heart?”

  5. Holy Grail – Hunter Collectors

  6. Words I Don’t Remember -How To Dress Well “What Is This Heart?”

  7. Thin My Blood – Jordie Lane Blood Thinner Country & Folk

  8. Stone Age Brain – Jen Cloher and Tim rodgers

  9. C’mon Aussie C’mon –  Mojo Singers

  10. We Are The Champions – Queen


  1. Statues – Lupa

  2. Song for You 4:23 The Peppercorn Queen The Good People EP Country

  3. Soft Option 3:12 Lower

  4. Pull The Trigger – APES

  5. If I Didnt Have You  -John Goodman and Billy Crystal

  6. Perth 4:22 Bon Iver Bon Iver

  7. Paradise (Ft. Geogia Potter) 4:14 Zaped

  8. Need U 100 – Duke Dumount

  9. Germland of Julien Charbonneau – Mosman Alder


  1. Empty – Allbrook

  2. Eat Yr Heart  – HTRK

  3. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

  4. Don’t Wait (Giraffage Remix)

  5. Do What You Wanna Do – Nile Rodgers

  6. Diamond – Terrible Truths

  7. Cairns -Emma Russack


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