Playlist November 24th

Featuring new riddims like the wicked new one from Notice – Red and Black as well as Saudi Arabia riddim from Delly Ranx’s Pure Music label, Tun Up from Truck Back and some tunes from little known and new artists.

FAMBO, MAVADO & UNGA NOTICE – My Life (Remix) (Notice)
BLACK RYNO & KALIBA – Seh Dem Yuh Fren (White Collar Riddim: Private Session)
NICKO – Hire Me Fiddi Wukk (White Collar Riddim: Private Session)
DANE X – 119 Emergency (White Collar Riddim: Private Session)
MAVADO – Fall Rain Fall (Survivor Riddim: DJ Frass)


5. VYBZ KARTEL – Touch A Button Nuh (TJ Records)
4. MAVADO – The Messiah (Chimney Records)
3. VYBZ KARTEL & RUSSIAN – Jeans & Fitted (Head Concussion)
2. SHAGGY & ALAINE – For Your Eyes Only (K-Licious)
1. SHAWN STORM – My Life (Gangster City Riddim: Adidjahiem/Not Nice)

SIZZLA – Can’t Get Enuff (Bright Light Riddim: John John)
BUGLE – Wi Nuh Beg Fren (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
KHAGO – Live My Life (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
UNGA – Dem Nuh Real (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
KIBAKI & CHASE CROSS – Fear No Man (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
MOUNTAIN – Mi Affi Rise (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
CHI CHING CHING & CHEDDA – Muss Rich (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
BLACK RYNO – Money Mi A Pree (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
DING DONG – Come Offa Mi Name (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
MAVADO – Love In Your Heart (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
ANDREW & WADA BLOOD – For Me Alone (Red & Black Riddim: Notice)
AIDONIA – Nuh Par Wid (Table Fih Table Riddim: Romeich Records)
TOK – Money Christmas (Table Fih Table Riddim: Romeich Records)
BUSY SIGNAL – Wine Up (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
MR. LEXX – Gyal Yuh Hot (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
TIFA – Seh Mi Good (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
TAMI CHYNN – Nevah Know (Wicked Inna Bed) (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
SANJAY – Work Money (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
ANGELE SMITH – Falling In Pieces (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
VITAL – Nah Guh Back (Prison) (Bad Suh Riddim: Washroom)
STEVE MACHETE – Talk Bout (Brain Storm Riddim: Altitude Records)
TOP NOTCH – House & Money (Brain Storm Riddim: Altitude Records)
MAD COBRA – Stress Out (Brain Storm Riddim: Altitude Records)
RC – Jah Is Always There (Brain Storm Riddim: Altitude Records)
GAPPY RANKS – Neatly Attire (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
DELLY RANX – Toppa Toppa (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
ZJ LIQUID – Gal Yuh Good (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
TEFLON – Matey Anthem (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
GALA P – Saudi Arabia Wine (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
GRAMPS MORGAN – The Almighty (Saudi Arabia Riddim: Pure Music/Delly Ranks)
ZJ LIQUID – Wifey Matey Link Up (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
ELEPHANT MAN – Wine & Dip (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
DEH DEH – Swagg (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
BRAMMA – Yu Bad (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
SUNSHINE – Place Dusty (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
BUNJI GARLIN – No Time Fi Bad Mine (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
FADDA FRESH – Real Man (Tun Up Riddim: Truck Back)
G WHIZZ – Weekend Anthem (ZJ Ice/36 Degrees)


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