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Podcast- Sunday 8th June 2014


On this podcast, Cameron and Maddy kick things off with another installment of Queer News. Cameron and Maddy had Nabila Petrucci from Get Ceral Tuesdays and also Pedro from Too Much Exposition as faced off in the Queer Youth on Air Queer Quiz. Maddy talked about that in the United States as it is PRIDE season as she discusses with Cameron about all of the fanstic events and news that is happening through out this month. Cameron has a rant about Grindr and other hookup apps like it with Maddy giving her own opinion and insights of these apps. Finally, we have Say What! as Cameron and Maddy discuss the theory of “if you are dating a femine gay man you might as well date a woman” and the images of gay and lesbin people. 








Cameron Cook
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June 20th 2014
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