Podcasting at SYN

This guide takes you through the ins-and-outs of podcasting at SYN!


What is a podcast, and what is podcasting at SYN?
A podcast is normally an episodic or thematic series of digital audio files. These files can be streamed or downloaded from websites and through web syndication feeds e.g. RSS. Podcasting at SYN is where you, as an enthusiastic paid-up and trained SYN volunteer, record a radio program, covert it into an mp3 file and upload it to the SYN website, sharing it with the rest of the world.



Why podcast at SYN?

A good thing about podcasting at SYN is that what and when you want to podcast is completely up to you. Feel free to make a podcast series discussing planets in outer space or one dissecting your favourite comic book films. A range of facilities and recording equipment are available for you at SYN to make your podcasts (see below). In addition, if you have been unsuccessful in getting your own seasonal radio show on SYN 90.7FM, you can always turn your proposed program into a podcast. Furthermore, podcasting is a great way to improve and hone your radio production and presentation skills.


How do I start podcasting at SYN?

– Come up with a (podcast) show concept/idea.

– Head over to this page and download the application form. Fill it out, submit it, and we’ll review it ASAP!


Recording your podcast

– SYN Studio 2 is at your disposal to record, edit and master your podcasts. Drop [email protected] an email or call 9925 4747 between 10am – 5.30pm to book studio time.
– Computers at the House are also available for you to edit your podcast.
– If are able to record/edit your podcast elsewhere, for instance at home, you are more than welcome to do so.
– You are entitled to borrow equipment such as microphones and recording devices from reception weekdays between 10am – 5.30pm should you need them to record talk sets or interviews for your podcasts.


Keep in mind the following when podcasting

– Due to copyright infringement reasons, do not play any form of music, be full they length songs or a snippet of a track. This includes royalty-free music.
– Sound-effects are okay.
– Do not incorporate any interviews, news themes or advertisement jingles that have been broadcasted on other media networks.
– Include SYN ‘Tops and Tails’ sweepers in your podcasts. These sweepers are to be inserted at the beginning and end of each podcast and they let your listeners know that they are listening to a SYN podcast.
– Stay clear of stereotyping, using profanities and vulgar language.
– Do not endorse organisations and/or promote events. Strictly no mentioning of ticket prices.
– Adhere to the community radio Codes of Practice http://www.cbaa.org.au/app/uploads/drupal/codes_of_practice_3.12.08_LR.pdf and the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/bsa1992214/.
– Abide by and familliarise yourself with defamation laws http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_act/da200599/.
– Do not infringe local copyright laws http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca1968133/.


Maintaining a SYN webpage

Check syn.org.au/gettingonline for details!




Tips for making great, engaging podcasts


Podcast Regularly
You can either podcast weekly, fortnightly or a few times a week. However, podcasting regularly has its benefits. Uploading your podcasts on a certain day – even at a set time – provides a sense of consistency to your podcast program. Listeners will roughly know when to expect new episodes and are more likely to keep coming back for more as it shows you are dedicated to making your awesome podcasts. This will also keep you motivated to produce your podcasts.


Show Media
Create your own tagline, intro and outro – without using any songs of course. This is a great way to get creative with your podcasts and adds touches of originality to them.


Types of Podcasts

Decide if you want to create an episodic podcast series with a fixed number of episodes or a podcast series that is ongoing for the time being. The former will allow you to work innovatively within a set framework to produce a well-crafted, focused podcast series. Podcasting continuously with no set end date in sight – albeit around a certain theme or concept – can be advantageous: you are not bound by a fixed number of episodes and have the opportunity to explore and discuss a wider variety of current topics related to your podcast’s theme(s).



Consider setting up an iTunes or RSS subscription feed for your podcast. A feed can also be set up on the SYN website. This will make it more convenient for your listeners to download your podcasts and chances are a larger audience will be exposed to them.


Social Media

Apart from the SYN website, Facebook and Twitter are excellent online platforms to connect with your listeners. They are also great ways to get your podcast out there. So use them to their full potential and update them regularly. Just be sure to direct your listeners to the SYN website as this is where your podcasts are always uploaded first.



Want to get started and apply? Need some help? Wondering about a style guide? Check out this page!