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Pre-Apocalypse – Podcast & Playlist – S01E12


It’s the series finale! *gasp*

Self-proclaimed ‘Boganologist’ Callum Scott returned as a guest to discuss the apocalypse we’re arguably most likely to face: war! A range of topics were explored, including Liberal policy, the uselessness of David Koch, the failings of Elmer Fudd and the safety of northern New South Wales. For a guide to the music played throughout this episode, please consult the playlist below.

Unfortunately, this episode of Pre-Apocalypse is the series finale. The show may come back at some point, as a podcast, or it may not return at all. Who knows?  If you’re keen for it to continue, feel free to support the show by heading to the Facebook page and clicking ‘like’. Also, all the podcasts of past episodes are available via the Pre-Apocalypse show page on the SYN website… y’know, the one you’re reading now. Go forth and listen! Thanks to all of the amazing guests who dropped into the studio throughout the season, it was great fun having each and every one of you on board. Thanks also to anyone and everyone who happened to have a listen. You’re all amazing.  

Lastly: in the event of an apocalypse, best of luck, hope it all works out in the end.






In Joke

October 5th 2014
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