Program.03 By Able 8 (EP) review


Program 0.3 By Able 8 is the Final EP in the Program series. The beats are created by Melbourne based beatmaker Able8. The EP features international and local vocalists. The beats are Synth heavy and drum beat technical. Program .03 is released through Uncomfortable Beats Record Label. Reviewer Selections: Seratonone, Faded and Lava Drop. A unique mix of beats featuring a sufficient blend of synths and drums.

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Youtube link to Seratonone by able8:


  1. Faded feat Phone Home - Able8
  2. Never Sleep (feat. Manix & Cash KRZMA) - Able8
  3. Seratonone - Able8
  4. Bodies (feat. Paco The G Train Bandit & Redddaz) - Able8
  5. Lava Drop (feat. Sinks) - Able8
  6. Push Up (feat. Elf Tranzporter & Rayjah45) - Able8
  7. Born Ready (feat. Rayjah45 & Mista Monk) - Able8