Publishing your video blog

  • Save your video blog as .mov or .avi (about 512 kps so it is a small size for downloading)
  • Log in to the SYN Vimeo page (your trainer will have the login details)
  • Upload to Vimeo
  • Label your video and include some tags.

Post your video on

  • Go to
  • Login using the login and password provided by your trainer
  • Go to the video blog workshop program page
  • Enter some details about your video
  • Using the plain text editor, embed the code from your Vimeo video
  • Under the input format tab, click full html
  • Submit

You can use the SYN website to network and engage with other student media makers.
Online interaction and evaluation:
Comment, encourage and critique each other by posting comments. Think of some other ways you can keep video blogging and interact with other schools and youth media makers on
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