Q & A with Northeast Party House


Questions written by Jacob Agius and answered by Northeast Party House guitarist Mitch Ansell.

So you guys are touring the US at the moment! How’s the tour going?

I wish we could call it a tour, we just had a show in NY and a show in LA. Both shows were really fun though. They were showcase shows so you invite industry people (labels, management etc) to see you play with the aim of hopefully creating a working relationship with them. The success of what comes from these shows allows you to come back and play full tours of the US with a support team behind you. It’s really exciting for us to be able to come so far from home and play these great cities.

Is this your first time playing overseas?

We have been overseas a few times, twice before to Europe/UK and now this is our second time back in the States.

How does the US audiences fare with us Aussies?

The preparation for these showcases are a little different to what we would do for a tour in Australia. As they’re primarily for industry folk we didn’t really advertise them, rather we sent invites to those people. I’m pretty sure we posted that we were playing in NY only two nights before the gig. We were pretty surprised to see that fans had actually shown up to see us. It’s too hard to give a fair comparison in this case. Maybe when we come back and play our own shows and everyone’s crowdsurfing and doing shoeys we’ll be able to compare.

What’s the best place you’ve played in the US so far?

Our show in NY at a venue called Baby’s All Right was really sweet. We came over to the States to play CMJ a couple of years ago and stumbled upon the place then. There was an all-New Zealand line-up playing, for some reason there was a free bar, how is that possible? We also met the boys from Kingswood there and have been good friends ever since so it was nice to come back to where such fond memories were made.

Are you guys planning on recording anything while you’re there?

We don’t have plans for this trip. We did however visit Joshua Tree a few days ago, it was 43 degrees, barren as anything and potentially a great place to record an album one day.

I also saw the post you made about seeing LCD Soundsystem in their hometown! What was that experience like? And how have they influenced your music?

Pretty wild that one of our favourite bands announced shows with one falling on one of the 5 days we were there. They’re far too big for the venue they were playing in but that seems to be how they want to do things: play multiple shows in smaller venues so the audience can actually see them onstage and connect with the band. We all had a blast, they were amazing. We’ve always loved their ability to create dance music using real drums and with such an incredibly raw production. Something we have always tried to achieve.

So all this is coming off the back of your Calypso Beach tour! That looked insane, I was checking your socials at the time and you guys really played and partied hard, then had to catch super early flights! How did you handle all that craziness?

Sometimes when you’re at the airport after 2 hours sleep, still semi drunk you can get through it.
Oli pretty much had heart failure by the end of the tour.

You also sold out the whole tour! How did that feel? And did you even expect that to happen?

Our album tour late last year was the last tour we did before the Calypso Beach tour which were all super fun shows. We played pretty similar venues this time around but the album had a chance to connect with people since its release so we definitely anticipated that the shows would be big ones for us. We were super stoked with this tour, by far one of our favourites.

You’re also set to play at Yours and Owls festival this year which has a huge line up! Are you guys excited to play?

The Presets got me through year 12 so I’m very blessed to be finally seeing them live. I’m a big AFL fan and the Grand Final is on the day we play so I’m kind of hoping we’re not playing at the same time as it. Maybe we’ll chuck it on the projector behind us during our set.

Will this be your first appearance there?

Yeah we have all never played let alone attended so that communal sense of not knowing what to expect is always nice.

And what else do Northeast Party House have in store for us this year?

We’ll be playing heaps of one off festivals/events over the next 6 months and just working towards plans for 2018.