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Queer YA Fiction, The Killing of Queer Female Characters on TV & Screen, Invasive Questions & The Oppression by the ‘Gaytriarchy’: 24.04.2016


On this week’s episode of Queeries:

Katie shares some of her favourite Young-Adult fiction with great queer representation and character development. 

Selene, Ashleigh and Katie talk about the multiple unnecessary deaths undergone by queer female characters. 

They reference the Autostraddle List: All 153 Dead Lesbian and Bisexual Characters On TV, And How They Died

Ashleigh, Katie and Selene share some of the nosy, offensive, clueless and out-there questions they have received about being queer, trans, asexual and demisexual. 

Ashleigh, Selene and Katie discuss the term “Gaytriarchy” – used to refer to the cis gay men who are at the ‘top of the ladder’ in the queer community and can oppress others. 







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