Rat vs Possum – Let Music And Bodies Unite

Let Music And Bodies Unite takes those familiar elements from the live show but focuses more on song structure and clarity and it is certainly a marked improvement.Last years debut release for local outfit Rat Vs Possum Daughter of Sunshine gave a glimpse into the raucous atmosphere of their live shows. However while it highlighted the fun associated with their sound it didn’t reflect their true ability.Their second album and latest release Let Music and Bodies Unite takes those familiar elements from the live show but focuses more on song structure and clarity and it is certainly a marked improvement. It is obvious that these talented young musicians have worked hard at refining their sound without losing their uniqueness.  One thing that really strikes about this record is how well it flows from one track to the other. Not only is it synced that way but also there has obviously been a lot of thought put into the track listing. The beauty behind Rat Vs Possum is the way they build their tracks to a huge crescendo. Often that crescendo goes on and on and comes back to the original melody from the beginning but sometimes it introduces a completely new idea. “New Pills” is a particularly good example of this and certainly one of the best tunes on the album.The layering on each track often comes straight from the introduction of the drumbeat as a melody of synths and bass are built upon that to a cacophony of sound during the traditional middle eight. The groove is laid down early, which means from the get go your body begins to move along with the instruments.Lyrics probably aren’t the strong point for Rat Vs Possum. Instead of creating some kind of other meaning to the music, the vocals are more used as another way to layer their music. “Never Die” and “Future Monk” are probably the most lyrically heavy and possibly the latter is the most traditional pop tune on the record. This album is dominated by groovy tribal beats and heavy synth jams, but at no point does it become too much. The band doesn’t linger too long on any one particular idea and continually introduces new melodies and takes each song on a familiar but interesting direction.by Gabriel Andrews

September 19th 2011
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