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When Am I Ready For Sex? – Season 1 Episode 4 2022

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Get ready for a sexy show!

When are you ready for sex is a tough question, but The Naughty Rude Show is here to tackle that and more in this very episode! Join Jacob, Zack, and Taymi as they delve into consent education, take a brief look at the world of polyamory, and of course answer your questions and give out some awesome advice!

This week we were asked two very important questions! Can you re-infect yourself by using a sex toy after being treated for chlamydia? And when is a good time time to start having sex? How do you know when you’re ready? Check out the episode to hear our thoughts, and if you’ve got a question you want to submit you can click HERE for a completely anonymous question form!

They also return to THE VIBE, talking all things sex toys. This weeks target: rabbit vibrators. Popularised by Sex and the City, these toys are great for anyone looking with a vagina looking to stimulate all those sweet spots. But what exactly are they? And, out of all things, why are they rabbits? Listen and find out!

Ready for more sexy fun? Check out last weeks instalment of THE VIBE where fleshlights were the talk of the trio! Click here to give it a listen!


  1. Aux Cord - Nardean
  2. Make it up as we go - Death by Denim
  3. Rose Pink Cadillac - Dope Lemon
  4. Sex and Rage - Body Type
  6. Rushing - Turbo Chook & Cruz Patterson
  7. Hello - Adam Neely
  8. Sink or Swim - San Mei
  9. Bounce - Calvin Harris, Kelis
  10. SEE THRU - nightlight
  11. Woman - Doja Cat
  12. Witches - Good Kid


Executive Producer: Zack Goutzoulas
Presenters: Jacob Scanlan and Taymouth Brook

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