The reason why Ariel Winter has quit social media

Credit: Ariel Winter, Instagram.

Ariel Winter is MIA on social media.

The Modern Family star has deleted her Twitter account after posting a rant against invasive paparazzi shots.

Winter, 20, shared the shock news in a clip on her Instagram Stories, in which she shared her plans to “delete all social media”.

!!!! 💕

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In her final tweet, the star expressed her dismay over the attention she receives online.

“If a paparazzi attempts to take another f*****g picture in front of my house one more time I swear to god I will find ANY SORT of legal action,” she said in an explosive Twitter rant. “Sad when you literally enjoy your job but hate every part of the fame aspect. Also sad when you desperately want to move somewhere remote so you can just live a normal life in peace.

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but I hate being followed and I hate my s**t out in the news,” she added.


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Winter, known for her daring wardrobe choices on the red carpet, has previously opened up about the price of fame.

“One day you did something great, and the next day you’re, like, plastered as a thousand other things. It’s a really difficult industry,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“We’re blessed to be in (it), and be able to make content that we love and that other people love, but it’s also an industry. It is true. It builds you up, and it can tear you down just as fast,” she added.

Happy birthday to a legend @joe.kaprielian ❤️ I love you best friend. #20

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Winter also said she plans to take a step back from the spotlight.

So that means we’ll be seeing a little less of those racy red carpet pics!

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Image Credit: Ariel Winter, Instagram.