Red Opal by Floyd Graham (Album) review


A unique electronic, pop, rock and dance music album. Songs range from feelings of innocence to feelings to hope, happiness, confusion, and comfortability.

I wouldWIN_20191225_22_03_01_Pro recommend this album to anyone who enjoys electronic and dance music which contains hints of pop and deep meanings within the music.

A sound I’ve been searching for to listen to for years filled with skill, moods, calmness, and joyfulness. A unique album that should be given a chance to anyone who can access red opal album.


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  1. Daybreak - Floyd Graham
  2. Dream guide - Floyd Graham
  3. Sentience and Sentimentality - Floyd Graham
  4. Dad's got the blues - Floyd Graham
  5. Patience - Floyd Graham
  6. Wearing thin - Floyd Graham
  7. Preach - Floyd Graham


Dream guide
Sentience and Sentimentality
Dad’s got the blues
Wearing thin


Jitan Chander