Media skills can be a great tool for engaging with young people in rural and regional areas.


SYN delivers media learning experiences for community radio stations, youth services/providers, schools and more in regional areas.


We currently offer:


2 Day Radio Training Course – A basic introduction to community radio and how to produce and present a live radio program.


(Ideal for community radio stations who want to get young people involved –  perfect for Be Heard grants)


1 Day Live Radio Workshop – We work with your group of young people to produce their own live radio broadcast.


(Ideal for youth groups, community groups, youth services who want to give young people a unique experience. Some groups may qualify for broadcast on SYN Radio()


Tailored skills workshops – Want a workshop tailored to a specific media skill? We’re more than happy to tailor a workshop to fit your needs.


Be Heard grant support – SYN Media Learning is available to support Community Radio Stations to apply for the Victorian Office for Youth’s Be Heard Grants program.


Costs vary depending on travel time and workshop costs.


Contact [email protected] or call 03 9925 4747 to discuss options.