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Represent: Australia Votes – special election night radio broadcast


Where were young people during the election? At SYN! We did a live three hour broadcast on election night where we counted seats, interviewed key people and of course discussed the all important democracy sausage sizzle.


We interviewed some great people throughout the night including:


  • Ellen Sandell, Greens state MP of Melbourne
  • Anna Burke, Labor, retiring MP of Chisholm
  • Cathy McGowan, Independent MP of Indi
  • Alex Bhathal, Greens candidate for Batman
  • James Mathias, Liberal candidate for Holt
  • Bruce Poon, from the Animal Justice Party
  • Josh Fergeus, Greens candidate for Chisholm
  • Rachel Hocking, SBS journalist
  • Janet Rice, Greens party
  • Nicole Zurcas, SYN reporter in Tasmania
  • Timothy Weber, member of Young Labor
  • Eric Kerr, Labor candidate for Indi
  • Jeanette Swain, Greens candidate for Dunkley
  • Samantha Ratnam, Greens candidate for Wills


Listen to our broadcast on SYN to hear our interviews, the impact young people have on the election and more information on the democracy sausage sizzle.

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