Resource Lab: Reporting and Discussing Protest and Political Movements

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Hey SYNners!

We’ve compiled some guidelines, resources and further reading to help you when reporting on or discussing protest and political movements, on-air and off-air.

If you’d like us to add anything to this compilation, or have any further questions – send them to [email protected].

This is a working document, and is continuing to be updated.


To be responsible media-makers, there are a few things we have to keep in mind when we’re reporting on and expressing our opinions about protest movements on-air or in our content. We want to make sure you’re all as informed as possible, so we’ve written some guidelines for you to keep in mind.

  • Report news and updates
  • Talk about your opinions and feelings (with the exception of violent protest – more detail on this below)
  • Where appropriate, provide content warnings (before and after your segment)
    • For Bla(c)k Lives Matter, please include content warnings for racial violence and police brutality
  • Refer listeners/viewers to hotlines and resources
  • Encourage donations to not-for-profit causes
  • Incite or encourage violence (more detail on this below)
  • Defame anyone or any organisations – refer to SYN’s Induction Manual for a refresher
  • Encourage sales or donations to for-profit organisations

On the subject of violent protest, rioting and looting:

As a community broadcaster, we must not incite or encourage violence of any kind.

When talking about violent protests on air, we must engage in objective reporting only.

You can: 
  • Report on what is happening, e.g. “Protests have erupted across the U.S., some of which have resulted in rioting and looting.”
  • Give people details of when and where protests, rallies and vigils are occurring.
  • Report factual information on the effects of rioting, looting, and violent protest.
  • Report factual information on the history of rioting, looting, and violent protest.
You should NOT say: 
  • “I think people should be rioting and looting” or “We should be engaging in violent protest”
  • “Get down to the protest this weekend and help me punch some cops”
  • “I think people should stop rioting and looting” or “I think people should only protest peacefully” (This is not objective!)



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