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REVIEW: Check Your Phone ft.Pete Wentz


Cheap Cuts serve up a manic ride with a morbid message. But you don’t have to think about it. Check your phone.

The first single from London-based electronic duo Cheap Cuts is a catch-all commentary on social media, anxiety and existential dread. Within seconds of an old-timey radio opener we’re launched into the driving beat of the track. Check your phone.

While the aesthetic is nothing new — the electro swing crowd have been pairing thumping beats with horn sections for a decade — the explicit anxiety-theming of Check Your Phone makes for a fresh and effective pairing. They’re not just throwing everything at the mix, they’re making a point.

And it’s a fun point to make. Repetitions of ‘Check Your Phone’ would get tired if they lasted any longer, but the sub-3-minute runtime and packed instrumentals keep it fresh.

Pete Wentz makes for an unpassionate but fitting final block in the jenga tower of it all. His delivery is dry but entertaining enough to sell lines that would be extremely cringey in other hands:

“Think about how the polar bears are running out of ice. Buy hey, this photo got a lot of likes.”

Have fun; don’t think about it; check your phone.

Review by Angus Mackintosh.

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