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Review: Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee is a new theatre production written by Ross Mueller.
It follows the lives of a group of people living in perhaps Melbourne,in perhaps the present. The two principle charters are Charlie, a young architect and property developer, and Dan, an slightly older news reader. Dan has just left his wife and children to be with Charlie. Charlie has just hired a personal assistant Jodie, who is new to the city. Jodie’s dad has tracked her down in this new city and Dans ex wife got picked up in a bar by Jodie’s dad.
It’s all very intricately woven, and cleverly written. Unfortunately, I found all the characters quite dull, and one dimensional , with exception to Jodie who actually goes through some character development.
There were some really beautiful moments, but over all I found the work to be a bit conservative, this may be because I went into the show viewing it as a piece of ‘queer theatre’ which it turns out it wasn’t.
It seemed like it wasn’t quite sure if it was a comedy, a realistic drama or post-dramatic. I guess it can be all three but it didn’t seem to nail any of those genres, I feel it would have been more engaging if it had have stuck to one genre and just really went for it.
The set and lighting design seemed great in theory, but unfortunately was not executed that well, it felt a little cheap and tacky, but I could definitely see what the designers were going for.
All the performers were wonderful, I enjoyed their energy as an ensemble
Lifetime Guarantee is theatres works first production of 2017, the season looks very exciting and I can’t wait to see what they have in store of us for the rest of the year.
Lifetime Guarantee is showing at theatre works in St Kilda until February 26th

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