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Review: Nailed It! – The Butterfly Club

“Every song is about love,” says Andrew Strano. 

The singer, lyricist and comedian (The Improv Conspiracy, VCA) joins forces with composer Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer (Associate Musical Director: Wicked) to explore the curiosities of love. 

Songwriters (and performance artists, writers and theatre-makers) are preoccupied with falling in and out of love, relationships ending and finding new objects of our affections. Far from variations on this theme, Nailed It! instead picks apart society’s love-stricken cliches. 

In Nailed It!, Andrew Strano showcases his vocal range while straddling musical genres and comedic monologues, taking the audience’s collective hand and leading us on a journey through love, loss and the ridiculous things we do in between. With brutal honesty and self-deprecating humour, we see that romance isn’t all roses (and, according to his opening number, floral gifts are disgusting anyway). 

From having the courage to ask someone on a date (or sit down to write a song about it), the complicated weirdness of a relationship, to the potential train wreck of misery that awaits on the other side of a break-up, we are reminded that love can be brutal, disgusting and painful, but ultimately beautiful and almost always hilarious. 

Robyn Womersley’s piano accompaniment is accomplished and dynamic, and although the performance was shaky at times, the strength of Mackenzie-Spencer’s music, Casey Gould’s direction and Strano’s clever lyrics and comedic timing shined. 

Part musical, part stand-up routine, the theatrical and musical ingenuity of Nailed It! is a refreshing take on cabaret. 

Nailed It! runs until Sunday July 13 at the Buttery Fly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne CBD. More info and tickets at their website:

Reviewed by: Rebecca Fary


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