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Review: TOTEM Cirque du Soleil


Whimsical, innovative and mind blowing! 

As an avid lover of Cirque du Soleil I was really excited to go and see TOTEM under the big top and Flemington Racecourse. What I love about this modern take on circus is that every performance that I have been to before has always offered me a beautiful element of escapism, stepping into the unknown whilst also always feeling really inspired and weirdly connected. 

Initially I thought that Flemington was a bit of strange location to host such a world renowned act, but then once I had arrived I felt that the intricate wrought iron fencing and beautifully manicured flowers around Flemington racecourse added an extra layer to the whole theatrical experience. 

TOTEM, directed by theatre and film artist Robert Lepage, was a jaw-dropping experience from the get go. It was honestly like nothing I had ever seen before. Vivd shapes, and movements, costumes and unique characters make TOTEM a performance that is like no other. 

The performance took traditional circus tricks and completely modernised them. Bai Xiangjie, Hao Yuting, He Xuedi, Wu Yurong and Yang Jie are all exceptional unicyclists but made the show so much more spectacular by balancing and juggling bowls on their heads whilst cycling around the stage in unison. Belarus twins, Marina and Svetlana Tsodikova took balance to a whole new level, spinning 8 pieces of sparking, bejewelled cloth on their hands and feet in unison, whilst lying up-side-down on chairs.

Whimsical, innovative and mind blowing! If you don’t get a chance to see TOTEM then you are truly missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

To find out more about TOTEM head to –

Written by: Nabila Petrucci, Jan 2015 


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