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Review: Yeah Absolutely + Still Alive MICF


On Wednesday I went to see the opening night for YEAH ABSOLUTELY and STILL ALIVE who are sharing La Mama for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Yeah Absolutely is a new work written by Anna McCarthy, who also performs in it along side Jem Nicholas. This was a very fun piece looking at the mundane of performance and performance preparation though a comedic, absurd lense, created from the writers own experience.

Growing up in the theatre and being a performer myself, this piece was very relatable and I felt very connected to the themes and ideas being explored, it felt like I was having a laugh at myself and the odd and strange things I and other performers do before a show or in the rehearsal process.

The script was very well written and felt very truthful. The direction of the piece, which I believe Anna and Jem were responsible for, was very fluid and strong.

I really enjoyed the design of the show, it was very simple, but the images created by combinations of the lighting design by Katie, set and costume design by Romanie Harper and sound design by Daniel Nixon were so strong and beautiful, ranging from elegant to absurd.

My only criticism would be that they use herbal cigarettes a lot during the performance, and being in a confined space like La Mama it really consumed the space and made me feel a bit sick! But overall this show was extremely enjoyable.

About an hour and a half after Yeah Absolutely I then saw Still Alive.

Still Alive premiered last year in the La Mama 2015 Explorations season, and has now been programed for a full season as part of the comedy festival.

Still Alive is an original work devised by Louise O’Dwyer and Tim Radcliffe. It is performed by Louise O’Dwyer Katherine Connolly, Kate Stones.

I went into this show, without reading the program, I really had no idea what was going on through the piece, after the show I read the program hoping for an explanation of what it was about, but it really didn’t give me any insight into what just happened!

But I still found it very enjoyable, the images and aesthetic of the show were very beautiful and surreal, Lousie, Kathrine and Kate performances were very strong and they worked together very well, Louise herself was very captivating and powerful. As confused as I was about what this piece meant I really enjoyed it, mainly for its aesthetic and performance style.

Both of these shows, Yeah Absolutely and Still Alive are showing until the 27th of March as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at La Mama Theatre on Faraday Street, Carlton. 

Review written by Ebony Beaton