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Right On Track – Episodes 15 and 16


Episode 15: Coughs And Sneezles Spread Diseasels

As we steer closer to the conclusion of Season 2, the fun isn’t over yet.

Bill and Ben the tenacious twins are introduced to the series as well as BoCo the elderly diesel.

The episodes reviewed in this podcast are:

Feature Song of the Week: Bertie / Overworld Remix (Sudrian Afro)

Theme Arrangement by carson08022000



Episode 16: A Green Caterpillar With Red Stripes

In the spirit of Halloween, the boys get a little spooky and revisit one of the most notorious episodes of Series 2, but in goodness celebrate Christmas to wrap things up for season as well as the end of Ringo Starr’s time on the show as Narrator.

The stories reviewed in this episode are:

Feature Song of the Week: Take On Me (Aha, Cover By ThomasDaTank)

Theme Arrangement by carson08022000

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