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Ruby Fields, ‘Your dad’s opinion for dinner’


SYN Reviews: Ruby Fields, Northcote Social Club, 29th of March

Ruby Fields is one of the hottest prospects coming out of the Australian music scene in recent memory. It was only last year that she woke up one afternoon to find her debut single ‘I want’ had blown up on triple j unearthed. It was played on the radio the same day!  One year on, the Cronulla local played to a full Northcote Social Club, with her already numerous devoted fans belting out all the lyrics to songs not even a month old.

Garage punk outfit, Tony Dork, opened the proceedings at the Melbourne leg of Ruby Fields’ Australian tour for her debut EP, ‘Your dad’s opinion for dinner’. The local boys sung about their appreciation of feet, insects and Andre Agassi, which is a very interesting trio of subjects. The tennis loving entomologists also treated the crowd to a very high energy rendition of their newly released singe ‘Quarter Life Crisis.’

FRITZ was next to take the stage, FRITZ is the stage name of Tilly Murphy, who had driven down all the way from Newcastle with her band. FRITZ performed alongside her band spreading the spacey noise-pop vibes from her 2017 solo project ‘DIY n LO-FI.’

After infectious guitar and drum riffs from FRITZ, Ruby Fields was up, opening with a live favourite but still to be released anthem ‘Trouble.’ After that, she moved into songs from her debut EP with ‘Ritalin’, a song about working at a chemist and the struggles of growing up.

Her EP ‘Your dad’s opinion for dinner’ dropped on March 1st but fans already knew every word. It is Fields’ laidback, have a drink with me attitude, and the way that she exudes realness in her music that makes her such an amazing artist to watch. Not to be discounted also, is the attention to detail in her music, Fields told triple J how she wanted to learn how to make guitars to get the perfect sound for her music. ‘P Plates’ Ruby Field’s second single, has one of the coolest guitar riffs, at least in my mind.

Fields went on to showcase her versatility with a stunning cover of ‘Cherry Lips’ by Garbage. Before her band left the stage, Fields confessed that before the show she had just got off the phone with her mother who had told her how proud she was of her.  ‘Redneck lullaby’ is about some of the struggles she had with her parents growing up. Fields really is unique in how she shares so much of herself in her music and there is so much that everyone can identify with. ‘Redneck Lullaby’ is a real favourite of mine, because it is so vulnerable but also so strong lyrically. It’s so much more than just a sad song.

As with all of Fields’ music, the songs are extremely clever lyrically, whether they are serious or not so. During her set Ruby mentioned how her sixteen year old self would never have imagined this, having such a big crowd all there to watch her perform.

With the boys from Tony Dork having a bit of a boogie in the background Fields went on to close the show with ‘P Plates’ and finally, the song that started it all ‘I Want.’ The audience couldn’t get enough, when she finished up, the crowd was chanting for an encore of the same songs again.  Ruby is an extremely talented artist and performer and is definitely worth a listen.


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