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MICF REVIEW: Sam Taunton – Rooster


Words by Sarah O’Neill

Walking into the Westin Hotel in the CBD for this comedy gig, I won’t lie I felt like a dirty Brunswick hipster. But I instantly felt better when even Sam Taunton who was performing that night made some pretty priceless jokes about the venue. Even depicting it as some kind of Anthony Robbins’ seminar or somewhere a business conference would be held.

He let the audience in on a great story about this time he really needed to use the toilet when walking in the city so he tried to get into the Westin Hotel to use one and they said: “Guests only”. Look at him now, bloody performing his very own comedy show at the Westin, what a stellar story to start a comedy show.

Sam Taunton really did have a great start to 2020 with his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and mingling with some Aussie greats on The Project (Channel 10) and ABC. Then came the pandemic and with it a drought of comedy gigs. He was so desperate at this time, he took a car dealership gig which proves for an unforgettable story.

His show Rooster is brilliant whether you’re 18 or 80. He has managed to create a show that you could take either your grandparents to or a tinder date. This is not an easy task. I will admit, I see a lot of comedy quite regularly and go to live comedy every week in Melbourne. To create a PG show that feels M or MA is pretty genius and quite impressive in this day and age.

He has nailed observational comedy and can make you laugh even when it comes to public transport, Melbourne/Sydney comparisons or even a trip to Maccas. Not every comic has this skill. Watching the show I never felt surprised or shocked, it just felt like giggling with one of your best mates at a family BBQ.

His observations about general life in the last year felt spot on unlike other pandemic jokes I’ve heard at recent comedy shows. Something I noticed about his comedy is that really anyone could relate to his jokes. There was no part of the show where it felt like he was taking a deep dive into his own identity or personality. He really is just your average Aussie bloke trying to have a good time.

Most of the show was stories that everyone could relate to at some time in their lives, except for one about being in a hit and run in his hometown of Nowra and his local Chicken Shop owner trying to use him for “clout”. These stories were an excellent way to use nostalgia to reel the audience in and then use a plot twist to release a wave of laughter and cackling in the room.

Sam Taunton has a strong stage presence and animated delivery. I loved all the stories in this show but I would enjoy hearing a bit more about his life relating to his observations about others and also a proper ending to the story about his mum’s dating life. All in all this comic has an exciting career ahead of him.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival runs from 24 Mar-18 Apr, 2021. You can catch Sam Taunton’s Rooster from now until 18 April


Sarah O’Neill

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