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SAMPLED EPISODE 7 (22/11/22)


So unintentionally this episode of Sampled featured some very SAUCY tracks! Firstly featuring 2000’s R&B singer Cassie on her track ‘Long Way 2 Go’. This song has recently really blown up online, it was sampled by electronic artist Four Tet in 2020. On the track ‘Romantics’ he speds up and interpolate’s Cassie’s vocals.

We then spun a listener’s request! This week Ben introduced us to rap pioneer Isaac Hayes’ ‘Meledy: Ike’s Rap II/ Help Me Love’ and it’s magnificent sampling in Portishead’s 90’s hit ‘Glory Box’.

Following on we delved into the two court cases involving Radiohead’s hit ‘Creep’. The first case was related to the song’s similarity to Albert Hammond’s ‘The Air that I Breathe’ (Made famous in ‘1974 by The Hollies). The other case involved Radiohead suing Lana Del Rey in 2018 due to her song ‘Get Free’ having a similar chord progression in the verse.

The show also featured Glass Animal’s cover of Kanye’s hit ‘Love Lockdown’, as well as some samples used by Mac Demarco and Rihanna.

If you missed this week’s episode, check out the Podcast and Spotify playlist below:

Sampled Podcast

Sampled Spotify Playlist (updated weekly)

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  1. Long Way 2 Go - Cassie
  2. Romantics - Four Tet
  3. Medley: Ike's Rap II / Help Me Love - Isaac Hayes
  4. Glory Box - Portishead
  5. The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
  6. Creep - Radiohead
  7. Get Free - Lana Del Rey
  8. Love Lockdown - Glass Animals
  9. Ginuwine - Pony
  10. Jump - Rihanna
  11. The World II - Shigeo Sekito
  12. Chamber Of Reflection - Mac Demarco

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