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SAN CISCO w/ Thelma Plum and Boat Show


There was an infectious energy in 170 Russell as Boat Show opened the stage and warmed the crowds, full of energy and punk passion. Their sound was punchy, forcing all eyes on them as the sound bounced around the walls of the venue. There was no denying their stage presence and the potential they have for development. Lead singer Ali is a true performer and had no holdbacks with the crowd, running around the stage and letting loose. The Perth band were pumping out 2 – 3 minute songs in quick succession and they finished with the song, ‘All My Friends Are Moving to Melbourne’, and from what I gather they’ll be moving to join us pretty soon.

Thelma Plum graciously took the spotlight and proceeded to serenade the crowd with her genre fused set. Oozing her sweet personality, she mixed the set with old songs and new tracks she has been working on recently. Thelma is truly a magical performer and an incredible joy to watch. From the moment her words reach your ears you’re under a spell. She sings from the heart and has valuable stories to tell. A favourite, ‘How Much Does Your Love Cost’ got the crowd moving and singing in unison. With her personalized balloons in the background spelling THELMA and the lights cutting through the crowd like laser beams, Thelma and her band commandeered our attention to the final song with her expressive sound.




San Cisco aren’t strangers to the stage, playing music together for eight years and recently dropping their third studio album, The Water (2017). Compared to their usual sold out shows and festivals around the world, the gig was intimate, a couple hundred people were there to enjoy the Australian tour of the new album. They debuted new material while throwing some beloved crowd favourites from previous albums, which was met with loud audience participation. After the second or third song, drummer Scarlett Stevens told the crowd she thought she had a piece of glass in her sock that was pricking her foot, which I believe to be a key ingredient for a drummer. The band played on and Josh Biondillo on guitar and keys gave us a few laughs when he started playing the wrong song and Jordi heckled him like the seasoned frontman he’s become, effortlessly entertaining the crowd.

The show wrapped after an hour, with the audience screaming for an encore. Jordi returned alone, to woo everyone in the room with an acoustic version of Waiting For The Weekend, which had the crowd on backup vocals. The entire band returned for a final two songs, ending the set with their classic anthem, Run. A very satisfying, energetic set exhibited the great potential this band has both for this latest release and their past catalogue.


Words by Tim Williams.

Photos by Jack Hollenberg.



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