School Live Radio Workshop

The School Live Radio Workshop is one of the most unique excursion experiences Melbourne has to offer.

SYN’s talented trainers/volunteers will teach your class how to make your own once off special broadcast and go to air on SYN 90.7. Over the course of a day we’ll teach your class the basics of broadcast production/presentation and at the end of the day – you go live to air!*

This workshop is great for:

  • An exciting and engaging way to boost the public speaking skills and confidence of students.
  • Premiering student work on radio (such as class media assignments, music compositions created by students and more)
  • Reflective process (students can reflect on their city experience week or recent curriculum links)

*Pending airtime availability. Some broadcasts may be played at a later time/date.

Duration: 1 day (We can be flexible on day length and times)

Location: 16 Cardigan Street Carlton (5 minutes from Melbourne Central Train Station)

Capacity: 27 participants

Cost: $700+GST